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I already know what you are thinking. Why should you contact me to write for my website?

It’s a fair question to ask, especially given the sheer amount of websites available out there that are accepting guest submissions. What helps Market365 stand out from all of the rest and why should you write and publish your post here? Read on to find out.

You Have A Story To Tell

Everybody, regardless of how much or little experience they have, has a story to tell. I have a platform for you to tell your story to a large audience of people who will be looking to learn from your experiences and use what you can teach them in their own lives. My goal with Market365 is to help visitors think deeply about the financial sector, both as a result of the posts they read and the posts they write. If you contribute to my blog, you may find that writing your story will offer you even greater perspective.

Opportunities For New Talent

When I first started Market365 I was privileged enough to write for a number of great websites who helped me to gain exposure and attract an audience. I want this blog to offer the same opportunities to other new writers. Building a name for yourself online is difficult, especially given the sheer depth of competition that is out there. That’s why I make sure that you are given full credit every time you submit a guest post to my blog. Writing for Market365 is an excellent opportunity for those who are new to blogging, or people who have experience but have yet to draw in the audience their talents deserve.

March To The Beat Of Your Drum

A lot of websites that accept guest contributions place a lot of restrictions on their writers. They may issue deadlines or try to treat their contributors like employees, rather than valuable people who have something useful to share. I don’t do that. Instead, I want you to fit your writing around your own life. I’ll work with you to make sure your post is able to attract the widest audience of readers possible, but beyond that, you can work to your own schedule and write in the style that suits you best. Together we can make sure that your voice gets heard.

No Experience Needed

Never written online before? That’s no problem. A lot of the best financial professionals have never published a blog post in their lives. What I’m looking for are people who can share news, advice and stories that will engage my readers. You don’t need an extensive portfolio to write for my website. All I ask is that you have a passion for what you are doing and a desire to make your post the best it can be.

Build Your Portfolio

Speaking of portfolios, if you have visions of starting a career in writing this site is ideal for you. Market365 has developed a great deal of respect in the financial sector, so having a post appear on this site can contribute greatly to the success of your writing career. Furthermore, new writers will find that the editorial advice I offer helps them to understand exactly what online audiences are looking for out of the content they read.

Our Audience

Of course, this would all mean very little if Market365 was unable to offer contributors a sizeable audience. Right now, the site attracts over 14,000 unique visitors every single month, alongside many more who visit regularly. Getting your post in front of an audience of that size is amazing exposure and can help you to move forward in whatever you are doing.

What We Cover

The Market365 contributors write on a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Banking
  • Corporations
  • Credit Cards
  • Financial News
  • Forex
  • Investing Ideas
  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Make Money Online
  • Money Saving
  • Reviews
  • Small Business
  • Stock Trading
  • Taxes
  • World Economy

I’m sure you already have some great ideas of your own, but if you need a little help posts along the lines of “Tips For Re-mortgaging Your Home” and “Investing Ideas For First-Timers” are great sample ideas that could help get you started.

If you need any information at all or are interested in writing for Market365, please contact me below to get started.