Why Luxury Bristol Serviced Apartments are Perfect for Business Trips

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So, you’re getting ready to represent your company in Bristol and close a major business deal, oversee an expansion project, or do something else that has major implications for your business. You’ll probably be there anywhere from a week to a month, and you need somewhere to stay.

Where are you going to lay your head at night?

At first thought, that might seem like a trivial question. You can just rent a hotel since you’ll be too busy to enjoy your accommodations anyways, right?

We don’t agree with that.

There are a lot of factors to consider that make hotels sub-par choices for business accommodations, and we think you’ll get a better experience by booking one of the many luxury Bristol serviced apartments in the area.

Don’t believe us? Check this out.

1: Privacy

You’re on a business trip, and you’re probably handling a lot of sensitive materials even after you’re done working in the field. When you come back “home” you’re pouring over paperwork, designing business models, or pitching ideas, and generally need to be left alone.

In a hotel, you’re pretty safe from people just walking in, but you’re on a shared WiFi connection with hundreds of people at once, and that leaves you open to a security breach from an electronic standpoint, and even if you have a secure connection to work with, you will constantly be stuck listening to your neighbors and whatever it is they’re doing.

In a serviced apartment, you get complete privacy. The rooms are properly soundproofed, you can get on the internet in a secure manner, and of course, no one will be interrupting you. In fact, the inclusion of private bedrooms means you can even get away from your family if you need to.

2: Relaxation

Business trips are massive opportunities, but they’re also very stressful. You need time to relax; especially if the trip is a long one.

In a hotel, you’re not going to relax with your neighbors bumping into walls, making tons of noise, and stomping around above, and the fact that hotel rooms are tiny means getting comfortable can be difficult even if your neighbors are quiet.

A serviced apartment, again, will block out the noise of your neighbors, and the ample space means you can maneuver and relax comfortably. You’re not cramped.

3: Flexibility

Let’s say you plan a business trip for two weeks to oversee the grand opening of a new branch within your business. Towards the end, your boss tells you that you have to stay for three months to ensure that the new team is working to his standards.

A hotel isn’t going to accommodate that unless it’s the off-season. A serviced apartment will.

You can book a serviced apartment for anywhere from one night to a year. So, you can easily cover the full duration of your stay, even if it becomes a long-term ordeal, without worrying about having to suddenly go somewhere else.

Get a Luxury Serviced Apartment

As you can see, there are numerous major benefits that can make your stay more enjoyable and help you be more productive. Beyond that, they don’t even cost much more.

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