Why Add Social Media Information to Your Branded Packaging?

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You’d need to have been living under a rock to miss the huge impact social media has had on the world, but you might not have thought about how your business can take advantage. Well, whether it’s boxes sent out in the mail or bags handed over at the counter, almost every retail business uses some form of packaging, and you can use that packaging to provide your business’s social media information

Here are just a few reasons why you should put it out there.

Instant Connection

When you add social media information to your packaging, you prompt people to connect with your business online. Once they do, you can build an email list or a loyal group of followers, and that comes with serious benefits. First off, you’ll get an idea of exactly who your business and even your individual products appeal to. You’ll also be able to post incentives and relevant marketing information to your social media accounts to encourage existing customers to buy again.

Viral Marketing

Every business dreams of one of its products going viral, which can mean being viewed by millions of people and enjoying fantastic visibility. While you might not reach that level of online fame, putting social media information on your packaging does encourage people to take photos of your products and share them on their favourite social media platforms, which could result in greater engagement with your business.

Personable Brand

Shoppers enjoy brands that feel more human than your traditional business, and utilising the power of social media is a great way to nurture that image and identity. You can build a brand image and post things that appeal to your core audience. Connecting with customers online simply makes them feel closer to your business. Adding social media information to your packaging can help make that happen.