Whats New in the World of Computer Security

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If you’ve ever been hacked, you know the feeling. Your heart races, sweat drips down your brow, and you get that gut-wrenching feeling that all of your private information may be in the wrong hands. Whether it’s your business or home computer, it’s the worst feeling in the world and one that leaves you feeling shocked and desperate. Fortunately, these events often bring about positive changes in the world of cybersecurity. Find out what’s new in the complex world of computer security.

Securing The Cloud

As the cloud environment begins to reach maturity, it’s becoming a bigger security target. When it comes to the cloud, experts in the field of security will need to decide who is trustworthy and who isn’t. Companies should focus on developing security guidelines for both public and private cloud use and formulate a progressive risk reduction model and related policies. They should also look to third party vendors who are leaders in cloud security to improve their IT security posture.

Increased Demand in Skilled Labor

Image via Flickr by r.nial.bradshaw

Given the nearly nonexistent unemployment rate for cybersecurity experts, there is clearly a global demand for cybersecurity expertise in the workplace. This makes hacking far more likely. New education programs focused on computer security are increasing but not at a fast enough rate to support the current demand. Demand for cybersecurity expertise will continue to rise as companies realize that their current IT strategy is ineffective.

As a result of recent data breaches, industry experts have recommended appointing an executive officer with day-to-day responsibility for protecting a company’s computer systems from hacking. The cyber crime officer, or chief cyber security officer, should ensure that a company’s data is secure and should bear the responsibility of preventing security breaches and handling the aftermath of any cyberattacks. Of course, every member of staff within the workplace will want to understand cyber security to a certain extent, to know they are doing their bit to help. They could be encouraged to take a look at this website, being one of the many websites related to web safety, to educate themselves on the world of cyber attacks and protection.

Protecting Consumer Devices

Ransomware recently made frontline industry news during worldwide attacks, and this is now a credible threat for any type of company or consumers. Although consumers were the main target of recent attacks, businesses that are unprepared and vulnerable will begin to encounter ransomware attacks more and more. In the years ahead, you may see organizations targeted with ransomware across a range of smart devices, from their smartphones to their tablets to their laptops.

Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber risk insurance will increasingly become part of a comprehensive operational risk strategy. However, the insurance industry must learn to customize these products specific to their clients’ needs instead of simply providing blanket coverage as extensions to existing policies. As the industry continues to evolve, you may see cyber insurance covering for loss of goodwill, a damaged reputation, loss of future revenue from negative media exposure, or improvement costs for essential security infrastructure and important system upgrades.

Changes in cybersecurity are constant because criminals continue to evolve and develop new threat vectors. The only thing you can do is to stay diligent, prepare yourself, and apply what you learn. Collaboration in the world of cybersecurity is certainly a great place to start, as is developing strong security programs that include hardware and software inventory, a comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation plan, effective governance, and a business continuity strategy.