Ways To Take Action And Protect Your Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property is a little more difficult to define than physical property.  You can prove ownership over physical property with a receipt or some other simply tangible manner.  Proving that you created a piece of intellectual property is a bit more challenging.

Before you get your genius ideas out in the open, make sure you understand how to protect them.  Check out a brief overview of some of the various moves you can make to protect your intellectual property from infringement.

Secure your digital creations

If you’re running a business in this modern technologically driven world, you need to have certain protectors in place.  You also need to make certain that you don’t unintentionally infringe on the rights of other digital crafters.

If you’re not knowledgeable on the subject, there are professionals who specialize in guarding your intellectual property.  Don’t hesitate to hire professionals to keep your creations safe.  

Copyright your artistic works

If your creations are more of an artistic piece of work, gaining a copyright for the work can help brand it with your name.  

Copyrights are typically put in place to secure your legal ownership of an artistic work like a book (literary material in general), a song you wrote, an architectural design you drafted, computer software you created, and a few other similar subjects.  

You can have your artistic creations copy written through a fairly simple process.  You can even start the process online from the comfort of home.  

Trademark your branding materials

Trademarks protect your organization’s recognizable branding elements.  Unique words, phrases, and symbols which represent your business are protected by acquiring a trademark.  

Symbols you know very well like the Nike swoosh, and the golden arches of McDonald’s are trademarked.  If another business tried to make money using any likeness of these symbols, they could face a complicated lawsuit.  

Patent your inventions

If you invent the first flying car, you’ll want to get a patent on the schematics and technical details involved in building the flying car.  With a patent, you have the sole rights to distribute your product for a predetermined amount of time.  

Protect the secrets of your trade

Make sure to take actions to protect your organization’s trade secrets.  Trade secrets protect things like specific formulas, program details, and unique data.  

Document everything as it is created

The most helpful way to protect your intellectual property is to document everything you do during the creation of the finished product.  If you can prove through documentation, images, videos, and other sources that the product was created solely by you (or your business), you will have a stronger case for ownership should it ever be challenged.