Vlogger Income Dynamics

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“The only way we can think of making money off of the videos is to continue making more videos and get more followers,” Castro said.

“We are used to getting huge views and ratings from the videos we make,” Kavanagh added.

Castro said, “On YouTube and Youtube alone, we could make our videos go viral and make millions, with content as simple as streaming all the action of the new casino sites explored.”

Kavanagh said, “The YouTube platform has changed the game for everybody in the world.”

YouTube has changed the game for everybody in the world, according to a recent article by the Huffington Post.

Recently, several major YouTube stars have been working to secure partnerships with traditional media companies like ESPN and Disney to generate large profits off their massive audiences.

“You have to invest a lot of money and effort and time in order to make videos that get views,” Castro said. “You could make a lot of money through the YouTube platform.”

The same is true for other “vloggers” who make money off their videos that include other companies or products.

On the flip side, those vloggers who don’t align themselves with big media companies have to invest more time to start out.

“If you are starting off on YouTube, you have to be extremely patient and work on developing the skills that make you marketable,” Castro said.

“The vlogging game is no joke,” Kavanagh added. “In order to make money, you need to put a lot of work into it.”

So how can you find vloggers who will promote products or promote you?

It is not easy. “Searching and sharing on social media is not the way,” Castro said. “You have to pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time to get onto popular videos.”

Companies can offer product giveaways and give vloggers visibility in order to help promote the products. “Think about it, it’s cheaper and a lot easier to give away some free items,” Castro said. “You have to have a huge following to get those featured in videos.”

Kavanagh said, “If companies are going to pay to sponsor the vloggers and give them exposure, then they need to be doing it with the view that they are going to be paying more in the end.”

Companies should pay to feature vloggers on their websites or to have vloggers participate in various campaigns or promotions, according to Kavanagh.

“You have to have a good relationship with the vlogger,” Castro said.

It is not easy to get vloggers to promote products or to promote you, Castro added.

“They need to be willing to spend some money. They need to be willing to promote products that they do not want to promote.”

Vloggers who make money are able to grow their audiences on a daily basis, according to Castro. “They have their audience and there is constant competition for people’s attention,” Castro said.

Online advertising campaigns are great for vloggers.

“You can easily make money doing online advertising,” Castro said. “They have a lot of ways of monetizing.”

Castro said, “You need to really invest time in marketing yourself. Most people start off with the videos and then they get