Four Virtual Employees Your Business Might Want To Hire

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When it comes to running a business these days you really don’t have to set foot out of your house to have a successful business. Even phone lines are becoming a thing of the past. Now that you can get Reliable, clear VOIP business phone service straight from your home office, there is little you need from an outside source. You don’t need to rent and office or buy and office building. And you don’t even need to fill an office with a bustling staff; you can do it all online, with everyone working from the comfort of their own homes.

There are plenty of businesses that do this. And even if your business has its own space you can still take advantage of some of the services offered by business professionals that don’t need to take up space in your office. Hire virtual employees and you’ll get the work done but keep the electric bill down.

Virtual Assistant

Whether you need a front end receptionist that can answer phone around the clock or you want someone that can cover tech support and more, virtual assistants can be of great value to a business. They come in all sorts of positions, whether you need them to work on one specific phone task, like scheduling appointment, or another.

A virtual receptionist, like other virtual assistants, is a real person that simply works from their own location (could be their home or office) and answers the calls for your business, which are forwarded to them. Then they answer questions, schedule appointments, or direct the calls to the people that they are intended for. They take up no space in your office and they allow you to have someone manning the phones even when your lights are off for the day/night.

Blog Writer

Freelance writers and bloggers often work remotely. There are all kinds of online tools that can help you keep track of your writers, share publishing calendars with them, and keep track of what they’ve written and when it was posted. Often you can save money by hiring a writer remotely as well, instead of paying the standardized minimum wage they would require when working under your roof.

Social Media Expert

Social media writers and experts are also generally people that are hired remotely. You may have someone in office that likes to fiddle around with Facebook once in awhile, but a business that wants attention on social media needs to hire someone that knows how to work them all and get the views and followers that will help your business stand out.

Business Consultant

You may also want to consider hiring a business consultant. This is a person that knows what it takes to make a business successful. They’ll crunch the numbers and let you know what areas your business needs to do more work on, like social media or product placement. They can help you come up with marketing plans, and more, and they never need to step foot in your office.