Why Video Is an Important Marketing Strategy

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Who isn’t on social media anymore? If you are at all active, you will have noticed just how quickly some videos go viral, literally overnight, and that can be one of your best marketing strategies if used right. However, as you also know, not all videos go viral so don’t expect that. What you should be aiming for is a video that will entice viewers to want to know more about your business. As a marketing strategy, a video is a powerful tool, and here are some of the reasons why.

Videos Can Elicit Interest

Thought provoking videos can captivate your viewers just enough to elicit interest in what it is you do. Whether you are a producer, a distributor or a retailer, you want to give your audience just enough information to leave them wanting more. Have you ever watched videos that bore you within the first few moments? These, or the videos you pause while going to the sidebar to see if anything else sounds more to your liking. One strategy that works well is to give a short introduction which is interesting enough to prompt them to follow a series of short videos. Remember, the attention span of the average viewer can be short, so keep your videos short, to the point, and always interesting. A bit of humor never hurts!

Videos Can Inform

Here is the place where many businesses miss the mark. In an effort to inform, they produce videos which are too dry for the average taste. As mentioned above, you want to captivate your audience enough to want to know more. One way of doing this is through the techniques you use for shooting what it is you are talking about. Why not give them a captivating 360-degree view of your workspace or your product line. Check out amazing 360 video cameras on Iamgopro.Com that can be connected live with a mobile app. Shoot and upload all in one go for live presentations which can be uploaded to YouTube channels. Be entertaining and informative all at the same time and your viewers will want to know more.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

If a picture (still shot) is worth a thousand words, how many millions of words do you think a video shot is worth? Videos can tell so much more because your audience can see what you are demonstrating in action. With videos, you don’t need to write lengthy content for your website. Yes, content is good, and SEO still reigns supreme, but video is a clear representation of what you may have trouble putting into words.

The key takeaway here might be best stated with another old cliché. “What you see is what you get.” So many consumers are disappointed when they get the products they paid for because they are nothing at all like the literature promised. Give them a 360 view and a short video demonstration and they will know what they are getting. Isn’t it better to send 100 products that will be kept than 150 with 75 returns? Let your audience get to know you and your product line and you’ve just created the most effective marketing strategy ever. To put it simply, customers really love video marketing and this is why it’s so effective.