How to Turn Instagram Likes into Leads?

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For the past year, the interest in Instagram had been skyrocketing, and the social media platform has exceeded 500 million users. People seem to not fancy with Facebook, and this changing behavior has a significant impact on companies which had been conducting advertising campaigns, including major paid advertising platforms like, Clicksor, and others.   

If you’re one of those that want to use Instagram for commercial activities, today we’ll provide you three different ways which will help you to turn Instagram likes into leads, both free and by conducting paid advertising on Instagram.

Method #1 Fan Stories

One of the best ways to attract new followers and make your business authentic is to use the Instagram account to tell real stories of past customers which are happy about the products or services you are offering.

Authenticity is key to online marketing success, and having a few real fans backing your activity will be a massive boost for a new audience which can turn into fresh leads, and later on could potentially convert into actual sales.

Method #2 Targeting audience

If you are doing paid advertising on Instagram, the best way to improve performance is by targeting the niche-related audience, or in other words, reach only those users who are likely to be interested in your activity.

You can make that easily with Facebook Pixel, a tool which can help you reach users with similar attributes to the customers you’ve had in the past. It also lets you improve the quality of the potential leads by retargeting users for your Instagram ads.

Method #3 Brand humanization

The reason why most of the Instagram advertising campaigns fail is that people are generally obsessed with generating leads and selling their products or services, and throughout that process, they tend to forget that the goal of advertising is to build a relationship with the audience.

You’ll notice that some of the companies regularly share on their Instagram pages pictures showing what’s taking place inside the company. And for a good reason. Your audience needs to know more details about the company’s activities, how people are working, how the products or services are being made and more.

If you want to gain the people’s trust, you must be transparent and show what you are actually doing. Hiding behind your Instagram page will raise doubt among new visitors, and the likelihood of generating new leads will probably reduce.

Instead, show them the hard work that is being put into the creation of the best products or services, and over time, the trust in your brand will gradually increase.