Top 5 Underrated Presents for This Holiday Season

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It’s that time of year again! How joyous it is to be able to share in the spirit with loved ones. We love drinking hot cocoa by the fire and decorating the tree. What we don’t like is racking our brains day in and day out, trying to figure out what gifts we should buy. 

We’re always nervous that we’re going to get someone a gift that they’ll hate. We’ll spend all of this time putting effort into giving to get a crooked smile and a “thank you.” 

Well, it’s 2019, and it’s time to be more practical! Get people gifts that, even if they don’t jump up and down upon opening it, they’ll be thanking you for days, if not years to come. In this article, we’ll talk about five gifts that are so practical that you can’t go wrong wrapping them up and placing them under the tree, no matter who’s name tag is attached. 

Electric Toothbrushes Are Awesome

three assorted toiletries on glass window

Few people in this world put electric toothbrushes on their list for Santa Claus. Even though they might not know it, this is one of the best gifts to receive in a stocking. Electric toothbrushes are effective and practical. 

With services like QUIP, your loved one will get a new brush every three months. Electric toothbrushes are getting cooler by the minute. With this, a mundane daily task becomes more exciting. Plus, you’ll be giving the priceless gift of oral health. 

A Temperature Regulating Comforter

white cat sleeps under white comforter

This is an excellent gift for a spouse, partially because they’ll love it and also because you can reap its benefits. There’s nothing worse than falling asleep cozy and warm and waking up full of sweat. With this blanket, you’ll stay at the perfect temperature all night. 

A Countertop Greenhouse

six leafy vegetables

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, but it’s a way of life. A countertop greenhouse is a fun and practical present that anyone would love to have in their kitchen. No matter where they live, they can grow fresh herbs to use for every meal.

You don’t even need a green thumb to be successful with these mini-gardens. There are LED lights that automatically switch on and off, so all you have to do is plant, water, and enjoy your harvest. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With Socks

opened book on person's lap with gray socks

They may be at the butt-end of all of the worst give-giving stories, but socks are a timeless classic. No matter what we may say, everyone knows that you can never have enough socks, from plain black ones for work to Colorful Fashion Design Socks for when the occasion calls for a funky print. At one point, you have 20 fresh ones, and the next you’re laundry machine has magically eaten eleven of them. 

Especially during the cold holiday season, there’s nothing better than wrapping our toes in something cozy. The businessmen and women in your circle will especially appreciate receiving black socks. The best thing is, even if you lose one you can always pair it with another of the same color. 

Poo Pourri: a Non-gag Gift

black subwoofer with white enclosure on white ceramic toilet flush

You’ll get some laughs out of this one, but in reality, Poo Pourri is the epitome of a non-gag gift. You spray this into the toilet before you “drop your friends off at the pool,” and it destroys every scent molecule that crosses its path. 

This is such a popular present there are a variety of gift sets that you can buy. The games are beautifully designed. You can even get Poo Pourri for on the go. While they may blush when they open it, they’ll be thanking you in the end. 

Happy Holidays!

Giving a gift doesn’t have to be able to get the perfect reaction of the person upon opening it, but it’s how much they will use and appreciate it in their life. If you want to be extra thoughtful this holiday season, these gifts are smart and are great for everyone in your life.