Top 4 Budget-Friendly Branding Ideas

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According to one of the oldest rules of the marketing world – the rule of seven, a potential client needs to meet your company’s name or logo at least seven times before they finally decide to make a purchase. Still, how do you put your corporate image out there for a potential client to see it seven times? Well, those who work on an unlimited budget can make countless internet ads and TV commercials or simply cover the city in billboards and banners. On the other hand, seeing how all of this tends to be quite expensive, those who work on a limited budget need to be a bit craftier. Here are four things you may want to try out.

Making a website

The most natural first step on your path towards promoting your business lies in making a website. For this, you need to find the right platform, pick a domain name, choose an adequate host and then proceed to deal with its design. Even though this may seem quite overwhelming to someone with no previous experience in this field, all of this can cost you as little as $20 per year. Sure, a professional website can cost anywhere between $300 and $10,000 per year, but you are in no way obliged to pay such a steep price during your company’s infancy.

Leave a digital footprint

Another great method of promoting your business lies in leaving a mark across the social media. You see, making an account/profile on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube is completely free. Furthermore, it allows you to directly interact with your audience by leaving comments or liking the content they share. The more time you spend doing this, the greater are the chances that someone will notice you. The greatest advantage of this method lies in the fact that all of the above-mentioned comes completely free. Sure, you can also pay for ads on some of these platforms, but like before – this is completely optional.

Transform your vehicle

Even though the above-mentioned tips sound great, keep in mind that you may want to try out a traditional marketing effort or two, as well. One of the best ways to turn your vehicle into a business-promoting tool is to paint a giant logo on its side and simply drive around the place. Seeing how the majority of other vehicles usually tend to be monochromatic, this contrast will allow you to be easily noticeable. Furthermore, all you have to do is pay the price of the logo being printed on the side of your vehicle and that’s it. No additional expenses, no additional work you just drive around town and spread the word of your business.

Use promotional products

Using your customers to spread the awareness of your product is even more efficient because it gives you a much greater reach. Aside from this, by gifting your customer with a branded T-shirt, hat or a promotional umbrella, you will manage to keep your brand image constantly in front of their eyes. Some companies, such as promotional umbrellas allow you to fully customize this product by choosing its color (the one that fits the color of your brand) and the logo on it to the greatest extent.


One of the best things about the aforementioned four ideas is that all of them give you a great ROI. In other words, while being affordable to virtually any business out there these methods are known to work in improving the awareness of your business. To make the long story short, money has never been an adequate substitute for true creativity and resourcefulness and your options in the field of frugal branding are more than ample.