Tips On How To Pay For Legal Representation In Your Time Of Need

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You don’t always have warning before you’re thrust into a situation where you will need legal representation, and a good lawyer is anything but cheap. The base cost of procuring legal counsel is somewhere around $1,500-$2,000, and not everyone has that kind of money sitting around. So what do you do when you need money in a hurry?


The truth is that there are several avenues you can explore to find the funds for legal counsel, whether you are in need of someone like the Missouri injury lawyers at the Powell Law Firm, defence lawyers, help with a family law issue, or whatever situation you are seeking the help for, you just have to know where to look. Let the next few minutes be a lesson, and check out a few good tips on how to pay for your lawyer when you don’t really have the money.


The various ways in which you can set up payment


There’s more than one way to pay your lawyer. You typically have a few different options from which to choose, but some legal professionals stick to a flat fee. Here are a few ways your legal professional may offer as an option for payment.


  • Flat fee – Flat fees are typically offered when your legal issue is easily solved. You’ll be offered a flat fee for setting up a will, for example.


  • Hourly rate – The most common type of payment is per hour. Your lawyer could charge anywhere from $200-$400 per hour, and the price can add up quickly.


  • Contingency fee – A contingency fee is used for personal injury lawsuits and other cases that end with a financial disbursement to the plaintiff. The lawyer agrees to a certain percentage of the winnings in the case.


  • Retainer fee – A retainer fee is a lump sum paid at the beginning of services, and the lawyer deducts from the total as your case unfolds. At the end, you’ll be refunded what is left over from the original total.


High profile cases can sometimes be pro bono


If you find yourself involved in a legal case that attracts press coverage, you may have an opportunity to acquire a lawyer on a pro bono basis. Pro bono means that your lawyer will represent you throughout the course of your case for no cost.


It sounds like a really nice thing to do for a person, but there are typically ulterior motives. Pro bono cases are not always done out of the kindness of a lawyer’s heart, as high profile pro bono cases can be a huge influence on the progression of a lawyer’s career.


Set up an online funding campaign

If you need legal representation for a very serious manner, you may try setting up an online funding campaign to pay for your lawyer. and are both great places to begin your hunt for the perfect platform to post your appeal.