Tips for Making Great Video Content

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For today’s consumers, having great online content is the difference between being loyal to a brand and being unaware of a brand. When companies are able to create a large online following for themselves, they can have an impact with their consumers that they likely never imaged. And because of the visual nature of today’s consumers, one of the best ways to create a solid online presence is to invest in video content. However, being successful in this arena is easier said than done. So to help your business find traction with this form of content, here are three tips for making great videos to post online.

Use The Right Equipment

Despite the fact that almost everyone’s phone, computer, or mobile device has a camera and video recording option, this likely isn’t the path you want to go down when making video content for your business. According to Jodi Harris, a contributor to the Content Marketing Institute, low-cost videography often equates to low-quality videos. For this reason, you should at least get some video equipment like a camera, editing software, lighting, and audio equipment if you want to make a high-quality and professional video. These few things can make a world of difference for your online brand.

Give Viewers Something To Connect To

Making videos for a business are often harder from a idea standpoint than if you were just making a video for personal reasons. Brands often don’t have one specific person to link to them in order to be the face of the company. Luckily, videos can give you the perfect platform to do just that and make a more solid connection with your audience. Chris Carter, a contributor to, recommends placing a strong character in your videos to anchor your marketing to and build a rapport with your viewers. This personal touch can really set your videos apart.

Learn How To Disseminate Your Content

Just like all forms of online content, it won’t gain any traction just by being published on your website. For this reason, you’ve got to have a plan for how to get your video out there and disseminated among your target market. To best do this, Jason Keath, a contributor to, advises cultivating relationships with a network of influencers who will help to share your video around their online circles. To get these influencers excited about your business and videos, try to include them in the process of making these videos by keeping them informed about what projects you’re working on and giving them other incentives to work with you and share your content.

If you’re not sure what you need to do for your business to find online success with video content, use the tips mentioned above to help make this endeavor easier to take on.