The latest news in the world of paper bags

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The boom in the popularity of paper bags in recent years has led to some interesting news stories regarding their circulation. Here are some of the latest and most interesting stories in the world of paper bags.

Greggs opts for an unpopular charge on paper bags

Whilst paper bags are relatively good for the environment they do offer some drawbacks and high production costs which unfortunately makes passing the cost onto the consumer inevitability in many industries. That hasn’t stopped the loyal customer base of Greggs from complaining. One customer noted the bag was ‘rubbish’ and that ‘no one should be charging for it’.

The charge was implemented to try and further reduce the carbon impact of their paper bags, however, the customer complaints show that if you do charge for your paper bags you have to make sure they are from a quality manufacturer.

Plastic bags banned in favour of paper products in Australian city

In the UK the most popular way to disincentives plastic bag consumption is through charges however the approach in Australia is slightly more extreme. The city of Casey has completely banned plastic bags from within the city limits. Interestingly this will include biodegradable and compostable plastic bags. They are trying to encourage good ‘bag habits’ by promoting the use of bags for life rather than

Iceland puts design first on their new paper bags

Paper bags are often seen as ugly items in a rather dull brown however Iceland has introduced some paper bags alongside London Fashion Week, and they have something about them. The simple white and red colourway with the phrase ‘I’m a paper bag’ printed on both sides works well and is being used as a fashion item.

This is an interesting approach by the company. It taps into an entirely new market which will help them grow and promote the use of their paper bags. Iceland tends to be well-known for its eco-friendly initiatives and incorporating them into their tourism sector. In fact, the country has the cleanest energy consumption in the world. Iceland’s tourism board is committed to keeping the environmental impact low by supporting the environmentally-friendly activities of the different parts of the industry. Thus, it not only serves as an excellent travel destination, but also as a role model figure for other countries in terms of sustainability. If this has you looking forward to planning a visit to this picturesque country, have a peek here!

All 3 stories are promoting the use of high-quality paper bags

Whether you are making your customers pay for paper bags or not they need to be a quality product if you want to have good levels of customer retention. Get your paper bags from a good manufacturer and make sure they are reusable to get the best value for money.