The Ins and Outs of Divorce

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In today’s world, it is a common story on our streets of couples reaching a major decision, and that is divorce. It can be amicable or volcanic as emotions reach a very raw state. Moreover, it is the time when fate decides to play dirty on couples who are already experiencing a gamut of emotions. However, as the advice pages and youtube channels of lawyers such as Jennifer Croker or your local divorce specialist, for example, may explain one must keep calm and get an understanding of what a divorce actually means and what it entails.

Steps to attaining a divorce

  1. When you are getting a divorce, there is a lot to understand. You need to get an understanding of every aspect of divorce, from the different ways you can process your divorce to how child support is calculated, along with how property is divided. That is why seeking the help of an experienced divorce lawyer (who could be found at Musson Law and its likes) could prove to be fruitful during the process.
  2. The divorce process starts with a petition which is written by one spouse and served on the other. The petition is then filed in the courts. The petition contains details regarding the marriage. It names the husband, wife and any children. There are details on all aspects with regards to property, as well as child custody and child or spousal support.
  3. Once the divorce papers are served, the other spouse signs and acknowledges receipt of the service. At this point no changes can be made to property, childcare, financial borrowings, insurances ect. until agreements are put together and formalized.
  4. Once the both parties are in agreement with the divorce it can precede usually without a court hearing. Both spouses are required to share information regarding assets, liabilities, income and expenses. Once the court enters judgment, the divorce is final. The marriage is not formally dissolved until the end of the states waiting period and spouses cannot remarry until then. If there are disputes that cannot be resolves, court hearings may be required.
  5. When faced with divorce it can be difficult to know where to turn. First of all you may not need a lawyer particularly if both parties are in agreement, but it may be wise to seek legal help by learning more about family law services by reading over a web page such as or others. particularly if there are children, property or monies involved. Be realistic about the role of your attorney. You may be experiencing a whole heap of emotions, keep them outside the door.

Decide on your goals

Before you meet your attorney, decide on what your goals are. What way do you want any assets split? How do you envisage your children’s care? Is it worth disagreeing over small things because this will only raise the amount of costs that you will have to eventually pay.

Do your research

Do your own research before finding a suitable attorney and most of all take your time. Be sure to choose a well-established company like GEORGE COLLINS, P.A as these types of companies have a vast experience when it comes to the complicated intricacies of divorce and family law. Each state has differences and make sure that throughout the process, you understand clearly what is being discussed and decided upon.