The Crucial Factors You Should Think about when Considering Personalised Apparel for Your Business

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Most everyone has a piece of personalised clothing or apparel in their wardrobes, whether it’s a t-shirt or two, a cap, a jersey, a jumper, or more. Personalised clothing has been around for decades, and it’s one of the best ways people have of expressing themselves. Companies have definitely been using personalised clothing for years as well, as the bespoke design allows them to use any style or image they want, make use of a slogan or a unique emblem, a logo, and so on. Sports clubs and educational institutions have also used custom apparel, and the same is true for companies joining specific events or planning special occasions. But when you are planning to make use of personalised apparel for your own business, here are some crucial factors you should think about first.

  • Do your research

Nowadays, you don’t have to go to an actual shop to get hold of the services of a printing provider. You can do an online search, and you’ll probably find an array of printing providers who can help you. But this is where due diligence also comes in. You need to make sure that your chosen printing provider is the best at what they do and can give you the service you expect. It’s always best to go for a provider who regularly does business transactions with other businesses (rather than just personal customers), as they will have a better idea of what a business like yours needs. Besides, business to business printing providers will be more able to provide you with bulk orders since they will probably have the right equipment for it.

Additionally, since you are dealing with a provider that is used to a lot of business to business transactions, they may be able to offer you a more competitive price as well. It might also be your best bet to look for a provider in your local area. If you are in London, for example, try searching for London based t-shirt printers first – this way, you can easily get in touch with them or even visit them if necessary.

  • Check out printing methods and processes

Whilst you’re checking out different printing providers, it wouldn’t hurt to check out which printing methods and processes may work for your exact needs as well. There are now a variety of printing methods and procedures out there, but not all may be a good fit for what you require. Consider the printing provider’s printing methods, and don’t be afraid to ask them any questions or seek recommendations as to which printing method would be best for your requirements.

But here’s what you need to know initially: screen printing is a very common form of printing since it can produce large prints and is quite durable, but it works best with large orders. But if you need only a few pieces of clothing (such as 25 t-shirts), you may be better off with another printing method. You can, for instance, take advantage of DTG or direct to garment printing, which works much like a printer for a computer. It’s perfect for small orders, and it is also highly suitable for detailed and delicate designs. The point is to know as much as you can about the different printing methods and seek relevant advice from your prospective printing provider so you can make the best decision regarding your personalised apparel.


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