Tai Lopez and The Wisdom of Building Your Brand

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The life of a self-made entrepreneur can be difficult. Managing and building your own brand can take a lot out of you, and tirelessly navigating and analyzing the right and wrong moves can be tough when you are just starting out on your own without any guidance.  While entrepreneurship can be liberating, it can it can quickly turn sour if you’re lost and have no easy answers.

Mistakes made along the way towards building your successful brand or business are ultimately what make you grow stronger and smarter.  However, an endless stream of errors, bad calls, and missed opportunities can make you quit before you see the results of your arduous work. Many entrepreneurs going about it alone can often become jaded or cynical after enough time.

For these reasons, it can be quite helpful to have a mentor to help you along the way.  A guide can help navigate you on the right course, and give you a new fresh perspective and set of ideas to influence your decisions when building your brand. Regardless of how unique or different your endeavors are, sound advice and encouragement can often be true across industries, and can prove to be beneficial.

The Benefits of a Mentor

A seasoned mentor can give insights from their own past experiences to help your path to success come faster.  Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs who are newer to their brand or business might be lacking in the connections and networking skills of those who have been in the game for longer.  They may might have trouble finding someone willing to take the time to guide them in their journey. Newer entrepreneurs are also the most vulnerable, because they have no experience of their own to guide them other than their own gut.

Luckily, the amount of guidance and help online is plentiful.  There are countless experienced professionals offering advice to up and coming entrepreneurs to help them along their path towards being the masters of their own domain. An endless number of lectures, podcasts, videos and articles are available through social media from a vast number of branding gurus and professional entrepreneurs.

With all the advice available from so many perspectives, it can sometimes be a disadvantage to take try to it all in.  Sometimes, it’s better to follow just a couple of proven experts like Tai Lopez or Gary Vaynerchuk for inspiration and advice when building your brand.

Tai’s Philosophy

 Tai Lopez has emerged as an expert in the world of branding and entrepreneurs.  A college dropout and a man of humble beginnings raised by a single parent, Tai was eventually able to build his way up to be an influential thought leader and millionaire by the age of 30.

Through his own life philosophy, which he shares through his popular YouTube account and online series “The 67 Steps”, Tai has amassed a huge community of fans and followers from all around the world.  Lopez often speaks of becoming valuable, inimitable, rare, and non-substitutable (VIRN), and balancing the four pillars of “The Good Life”, which he describes are health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Tai describes the bigger picture of what an entrepreneur should be searching for, providing unique and valuable content and overall success. Moreover, a huge theme which he likes to drive down is the endless pursuit of knowledge.

Tai believes that when exposing ourselves to innovative ideas, we can create new solutions to a wider range of problems or dilemmas in our lives and business endeavors.  More knowledge leads to more success, and one way he gains knowledge is by reading a new book every day, a tactic he swears by.

Tai widely credits this as a major source of his success and achievements.  He takes the main ideas and key concepts from the books he reads and speaks about them in his popular YouTube channel and in his podcast “The Tai Lopez Show”. He has essentially created one of the world’s largest book clubs, and has shared and inspired his endless pursuit of knowledge with his fans and viewership.

Tapping In On Branding Mentorship

 Tai’s guidance for self-advancement and actualization for entrepreneurs is based on his own philosophy and rise to success. He maintains that his own success in branding are a direct result of the ideas, philosophy and guidance he offers his viewers.

For entrepreneurs and those creating their own brand without their own mentor, following a seasoned professional could prove to be beneficial.  Building one’s own brand or business can be complex and exhausting, and it might be well worth your time to listen to an expert’s own past experiences, successes, and failures, when starting out on your own path.