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Welcome to Market365, which is your source for all of the latest news in the financial markets. This blog plays host to stock tips, advice, and things to avoid in your investing career, alongside a host of information about what’s happening in finance and how you can turn these occurrences to your advantage as a trader.

My name is Margin Rise and I have been working as a stock market trader in Boston for most of my career. How did I manage to find success on the Boston Stock Exchange, which is the third oldest in the United States, you ask? To answer that here’s a little bit of my story.

My Introduction Into Trading

You could say my interest in the financial markets started when I was fairly young. Back when I was in school I became fascinated by the effects that traders could have on the worldwide economy with their decisions and absorbed myself into learning more about the financial markets. I became so absorbed in the subject that I started to attend stock trading classes as an extracurricular activity. At the time I was following a new passion, but in hindsight, I realize I was also giving myself a head start into a career that would eventually become very lucrative for me.

The College Years

It felt natural to me to expand upon this growing interest by studying the subjects of Finance and Economics at college. My fascination with stock trading really start to take hold of me at this point, as I started to develop an even greater understanding of what makes the stock exchange tick and, perhaps more importantly, what I needed to do to start my own investing career.

It was during this time that I was introduced to online stock trading. At the time, the technology behind the sites used for this was fairly rudimentary, but it still gave me a little insight into the future that the industry would take. I started making small investments and quickly developed an understanding of the importance of researching and diversifying. Early results were positive, which led me down the road to attending a number of professional courses and stock traders clubs.

Building A Career

Getting hired on the Boston Stock Exchange is no easy task. You need to be able to demonstrate the financial acumen to work in the role, plus you have to bring a great passion for the financial markets into the job if you are going to be able to survive the long hours and grueling demands the job places on you.

Thankfully, my passion for stock trading had only intensified with the studying and exploration of online trading that I had done, plus this work ethic was seen as a positive by my employers. I made the transition very smoothly and have been working on the stock exchange since I was 25 years old. Now, at the age of 37, I feel that I’m in a position to help others reach the level I’m at. That brings me to this blog.

Returning To The Online Realm

I mentioned before that my early adventures into online stock exchanging helped me to see the potential of the Internet, even in the early stages when it was all still fairly basic.

As time went on, I found myself drawn back to the online realm. Only now I was a little older, a lot wiser and the Internet and the technologies behind it had evolved to the point where I could do much more than I could when I was a student.

While I still do some online stock trading as part of my work, I decided that my adventures online should see me helping others. After all, there are so many people who played a part in getting me to where I am today, so I would like to repay the favor in any way that I can.

Furthermore, I also saw the potential of the blog to bring in a good income for me outside of trading, while still doing something I love. By exploring AdSense, offering partnerships with advertisers and writing reviews, I have been able to build a second career that I am just as passionate about as I am with my work on the stock exchange.

Moving Forward

Over the last few years, this blog has become a great source of income for me, in addition to being a great place for people to find useful information about the financial sector.

Moving forward, I want to build on the foundations I have laid here. My ambition is to make this blog the hub of all financial news in the United States, which is why I work tirelessly with my contributors to ensure my visitors get what they expect when they visit this blog.

I hope you find what you are looking for during your visit to Market365.

Happy Trading – Martin Rise