How to start your own property management firm

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Getting into the property management world is actually relatively easily and can come with a huge range of benefits. The margins for profits are large and once the hard part in setting up the firm is done, you may be able to sit back and let the company work for you. It is all down to establishing a finely tuned array of services and enabling them to run like clockwork.

This is a very short introduction to some of the steps to make when starting your own property management business.

First – survey the current market

Just like every other venture you may take on board, it is always worth checking out your local area in terms of potential competition. You will be able to easily spot the best companies around and see their strongest points. Perhaps you might even be able to spot a gap in the market that your business could slot into. Or you may even find that the property management market in your area is at saturation and it might be best to choose a different venture altogether. To see what companies are currently operating in your area click here to search.

Second, set up your business

If you decide that you do want to go ahead, the next stage is setting up your business. You may even already be familiar with this process. It involves setting up a legal entity and finding an office. You will want to set up email accounts, websites and get business cards printed. Although it sounds like a lot of work many people actually find that this is the most easy part of entering a new business area. A recommendation would be to look for simple and inexpensive ways of doing all of the above until your business takes off and you can afford to put more money into such aspects.

Third, find some clients

The best option for finding clients for your new property management firm is to join as many local real estate clubs and investment groups as possible. If need be, you can also reach out to your local experienced companies that have expertise in property management services. They can offer you better guidance in these matters. You must start to network from very early on as this is where much of your business will be generated from. You can find local directories of landlord and investing clubs in your areas to help make this process go fast. If you are not too great at networking be sure to get a business partner to help you out, or at least read about the best networking tips and techniques.

Fourth, select your tenants

Since there is a global housing crisis this part will be relatively easy. There is never a shortage of people looking for a nice, affordable place to live. Just by advertising your property on several websites you will already have filled your quota of residents. Just be sure to pick the best people with the highest references.

Then start managing the properties!

This is the stage that everything has been leading up to. You must now ensure all aspects of the property run smoothly. You will want to find contractors to clean and maintain the different amenities and communal areas. Not only that but it is worth employing a great concierge system too. Additionally, you may want to hire an agency or people with good facility management skills so that the workflow of your business is streamlined, ensuring the welfare of the business.


Property management can be a very complex business if not handled correctly. Not only can it cost you money but it can also cost people their homes. Ensure you are up for the challenge before investing too much time or money into it.