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Making small saving on your bills every month free us some cash on your budget to further boost your savings or even afford you a few luxuries without breaking the bank or going against the budget. Accumulated over a year, the small savings you make every month can amount to a tidy sum.

For instance, if you save $150 monthly through financial prudence and life hacks, you will have $1800 at the end of the year.

There are simple ways to save money every month that don’t require austerity measures or lifestyle changes.

Save on electricity

Always check the energy efficiency rating of an electrical appliance before making a purchase. A more energy efficient appliance does the same work as an ordinary appliance but consumes significantly less electricity.

Adopt other energy saving measures like opening your windows during the day for sunlight illumination and temperature regulation instead of turning on the lights and the air conditioner respectively.

Also, replace your incandescent bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs and eliminate ghost consumption by unplugging your electrical appliances when they are not in use.

Pay on time

Pay your bills on time is a simple way to save on your monthly expenses without cutting anything off. Delaying with payment attracts fines and interests which sometime accrue to almost twice the principal amount you were to pay.

The same applies to loan repayment and credit card debts. In addition to slapping you with hefty fines, defaulting on loan and credit card repayment also negatively impacts your credit score. This means that you will have higher cost of borrowing in the future that is if lenders are willing to give you loans in the first place.

Evaluate your subscription services

List all your memberships and subscriptions and eliminate those you no longer need or you rarely use. If you have gym subscription that you pay for monthly yet you only train for a day or two per week then you are better off unsubscribing and paying on a needs basis.

Do you really need a cable TV subscription when you travel a lot and you are already subscribed to a streaming site? Cancel it. Do the same to newspaper and magazine subscriptions that come to your mail but which you rarely read. If you feel like you’re needing some kind of entertainment subscription still, then it might be beneficial to do your research and click here for the statistics on cable TV services around the USA.

Timely maintenance of electrical appliances

Inspection of your electricals, especially HVAC appliances can save a lot of money for you in the long run. Common problems like dirty filters, blown fuses, water leaks, thermostat malfunctions etc, can later pose to be a bigger problem, leading to the machine’s malfunction. Moreover, on time upkeep of these appliances can also make it energy efficient. You could consider contacting an AC Company if you need assistance with the conservation of your electrical devices.

Save on repair costs

Home appliances are prone to breakdown and malfunctions and the repair costs can be exorbitant. The way to go around this is to always insist on a warranty when buying a new appliance. Most warranties last up to a year or two from the date of purchase and cover manufacturer’s defects and faulty operation.

You can also take your own cover from Warrantyguides.Com to offset the cost of repairs and replacement should an appliance get damaged outside the manufacturer’s warranty cover.

Save on fuel

The maintenance costs of owning a car is high with fuel costs topping the bill. Save on fuel by ensuring your car is always well serviced and its fuel consumption is optimal. A rickety car consumes more fuel per unit distance.

You can also carpool with your colleagues and neighbors to save on transport costs and also minimize the wear and tear on your car emanating from daily trips.