Refurbishing your restaurant kitchen

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So, you want to refurbish your catering establishment? It might be a bar, a coffee shop, a restaurant, or a hotel – in any event, you are likely to be looking at a tidy investment. The cost of fitting out the kitchen alone may set you back a large proportion of that expenditure.

So, what are your options?

  • you might decide to go the whole hog and buy all new appliance for your kitchen – foregoing other important refurbishment to the rest of your restaurant in the process;
  • that might involve simply scrapping any catering equipment that is already installed;
  • you might go for savings on the kitchen equipment you use by buying cheaper appliances that are made for domestic use around the home – and face the safety risks inherent in overloading their use; or
  • you might take advantage of the considerable savings available by installing second-hand, refurbished and reconditioned catering equipment in your kitchen.

Refurbishing your restaurant kitchen with second-hand catering equipment

If you choose your supplier carefully, you may be able to save up to 60% on the price of new appliances when you are buying them second-hand.

Savings of that order may be available even on top brand names that are leaders in the manufacture of equipment for commercial kitchens – and some specialist suppliers of refurbished catering equipment concentrate solely on those top brands because of their reliability, performance even under the pressure of a busy kitchen, and are especially long-lasting in their useful working life.

Of all the appliances you are likely to need in your refurbished kitchen, dishwashers and glasswashers are likely to be a critical choice – whether undercounter or pass-through depending on the configuration of the space available. Not only do you need a fast and efficient turnaround of dishes and glasses – to keep up with the most demanding of services – but you want them sparkling clean and immediately ready to place on the table before your discerning clients. You should also have your refrigerators’ cooling systems checked, as they are one of the most vital components of a commercial kitchen. To renovate this area of your kitchen, you could enlist the help of a commercial refrigeration service.

The good news is that there are specialists in the supply of just such reconditioned and refurbished second-hand appliances. Not only that, but you may also find those who specialise in refurbishing leading brands such as Winterhalter and CLASSEQ – together with the machines, the water softening systems, the chemicals and the accessories to go with them.

These specialist suppliers are starting off with top of the range brands, of course, but thanks to their expertise in reconditioning, replacing parts and the rigorous nature of their testing of the refurbished appliances, you may be confident that each one you buy continues to deliver many years’ of faithful service and functions just as well as it was when new.

When you are refurbishing your restaurant kitchen, of course, you are likely to want a timely – and preferably short – interval between placing your order for any reconditioned catering equipment and its delivery and installation.

You may be pleased to discover, therefore, that there are specialist suppliers with whom you may place your order before midday on one working day and have it delivered straight to your premises the next. More than that, some suppliers are even able to arrange the professional installation of your refurbished and reconditioned second-hand catering equipment.