The Causes of a Recession

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If there are any members of the Establishment following this blog and reading this post in particular, I was going to go on about how you’re part of the problem which is to be discussed today, but then again nobody ever really turns around and acknowledges the extent to which they hold privilege, do they? So in our explanation of the causes of recession, the Establishment will only be mentioned on the level of its modus operandi and not from the point of view of who actually forms part of it.

But yeah – the Establishment (a smaller group of elites controlling the larger population) is most definitely a contributing force to the causes of recession, which can be broken down quite simply. Perhaps I’ll be breaking them down in a manner which is so simple that it draws the ire of the broker-type figures in the financial sector, whose business dealings thrive on the uncertainty which is made to be believed is just part and parcel of the industry.

Reserve banking

I hate to mention reserve banking as one of the possible causes of a recession, because is there a better banking system than reserve banking? There probably is in the form of decentralised banking through the likes of cryptocurrencies…

Fractional reserve banking

Reserve banking becomes an accessory to the causes of a recession when it shows its true colours as fractional reserve banking, because we don’t really truly have reserve banking anymore. The ability of some private individuals to loan money to the government (money they don’t even physically have) paves the way for some financial practices which periodically lead to the onset of a recession.

The power of the establishment

The somewhat flawed financial system which in part encompasses reserve banking and fractional reserve banking is a favourite tool of control used by the establishment and it’s just so scary to think how much of this control is subsequently contained in the hands of an elite few. When the top wealthy figures of the world all stop spending their money for some or other reason, the world enters into a recession, just like that! Often they’ll stop spending and hoard their billions out of fear that the masses might wake up to the power that is actually contained in their hands, as paranoid as that is since self-organisation amongst the masses remains one of life’s greatest challenges.

The unknown power of the masses

While it’s rather unfortunate that the power possessed by the masses is largely unknown to them, the natural course of basic economics dictates some kind of a fight-back. I’ve already discussed how the power of the establishment can so easily cause a recession, but when you look at specific industries such as law, specialist injury lawyers such as the likes of are leading a direct fight-back against the Establishment.

Beyond patronage of these champions of a more level economic playing field, the masses should be the ones who hold the power to create a recession, because that means they have the power to drive the world out of a recession which will likely never be caused by the masses in the first place.