Protecting Your Product Online

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When you have your products and services listed online you are letting everyone see what you do, and of course, there are plenty of people that like to take someone else’s idea and make it their own. Unless you came up with something fresh and new that no one heard of before it’s likely your idea began in someone else’s mind as well. The only way to make your product yours and yours alone is to patent it.

However, it’s not just the product idea you want to protect. You want to protect your businesses name (and reputation) and the people that are using your business. Here are some ways to do all of these things.

Use Encryption

If you want to make sure that your secret product information, the information of the business and clients you work with, and any other personal business info stays in the right hands you need to make sure that you are using encryption technology. If it is a one-time conversation, you can use technology similar to no1bc that can allow you to talk to somebody without leaving any call logs or other trails behind. Although, for longer conversations you want to do more than just encrypt an email now and then. You’re communicating in many ways and you want to make sure you’re protected in all of them.

You can encrypt text messages, information on your website, and you definitely should be using encryption when it comes to document sharing online. You want your information to be just as safe in the cloud as it is on your hard drive.

Put Your Name On It

Never post photos online of anything without a watermark of some sort. This ensures that when someone shares your image they can’t say it’s theirs, or that the product within that photo is theirs. This is even a good idea when it comes to people that may be buying and reselling the products you make.

There are certain things you can apply for patents on, and some things that you can apply for copyrights on. Take some time and do a little research on how to make sure your intellectual and your actual property stays in your own hands and can’t be stolen or copied by someone else.

Make It Legal

Aside from legally patenting products you’ve created and ensuring no one can take your clever name for it or your slogan, you also want to make sure your business itself is the real deal. By making your business a legal business entity it can help give you more rights when it comes time to take someone else to court for stealing your idea.

Take some time to figure out what kind of business what you’re doing falls under. There are many different business types, some for people going it alone and others all the way up to huge corporations. Before you apply for an LLC or a DBA you need to know what they require.