Promotional USB Sticks Tricks That Will Make You Cry Of Joy

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USB flash drives are the best. Everybody loves a freebie, but everybody especially loves a free flash drive. They’re even willing to completely embrace the branding on the drive, whatever it may be. The drive itself can be used for a bunch of stuff, like for a company you might want to plaster your own brand and give the drives out at conferences and trade shows so you can help promote your company or raise brand awareness. School and universities can use a promotional usb drive to do the same thing, while also letting students save their work and bring it to class when necessary. Basically a logo on ausb drive is a love story for the ages, and its potential is limitless. Imagine someone taking ausb drive with your logo and then attaching it to their keys – which most people often do – and then whenever they reach for the keys they give your company a small brand boost. Not only that, but your clients will always have your logo and contact info handy (if you choose to print your contact info on the usb drive anyway, but that’s another story).

It’s time to say goodbye to useless promotional products like stress balls, pens, notebooks and the like. The best conference or marketing gift you can give is a printed usb drive – at least in this decade, who knows what’s coming next with VR – because people really have a legitimate use for them. Sure a pen and notebook are useful too, but can they sync files to the cloud, transfer them, secure them? Nope. Most folks need and use usb drives daily, and having one attached to your keychain is a goldmine for a small daily brand activation.

Even if you decide that you really want to create a bunch of promotional usb drives for your next marketing push, how do you know how to spend smart? You know, getting the best value for money? Well. The first question you need to answer is whether you’ll print just the logo or the logo with some more info, like contact info. Honestly, one side for the logo and the other side for the info is the golden rule in the industry and is the safest option. If you print the logo on both sides, well, it costs the same as printing your contact info on one side and your logo on the other. The cost to make them is the same, but the payoff with the contact side is greater (unless you’re so famous you don’t need contact info).

Now it’s time to talk about capacity. It’s great that you want to use ausb drive at your next event, but how do you decide which capacity of the drive is best for your needs and goals? You might start thinking that you don’t need anything fancy, that you just need a quick quote because you’ll be giving the drives away anyway. You want something that people can use to store some music, or some photos, or whatever. Maybe you would like to preload some files onto the drives, some brochures you made or a promotional pdf file. If you’re thinking about getting the cheapest option, forget it. Even though capacities jumped up in recent years – and they’ll keep getting bigger and cheaper because such is the nature of things – it’s time to reconcile the cold hard truth: the cheapest probably isn’t want you want nor need right now. Because the cheapest capacity probably doesn’t have enough space to fit the many photos and music library that people have. Ok, obviously you’re not going to start buying 1 terabyte drives for everyone (which might be normal one day but for now it’s not). But also 64MB is pretty lousy.

You should probably get something with a couple of gigabytes. 2GB or even 4GB are great, but just don’t go below 1GB usb drive. You’ll be able to store a lot of quality data. And the more you can store, the more useful the drive is. The more useful it is, the more you’ll want to keep it around – and that’s when your logo and contact info become crucial. Drives that are often used are drives that often promote you. They’ll be doing a lot of branding work for you, without anyone ever realising.