Preparing For An Interview In The IT industry

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Whether it has been several years since your last interview, or you are serial interviewee, being prepared is vital to a successful outcome. You may think you have the techniques nailed, or you could be completely at a loss as to what is expected from you. Whatever your position, these interview tips are a must and could make all the difference when attempting to procure your perfect job in the IT industry.

Research the organisation

Merely browsing the company website is not enough to show you have researched and shown genuine interest in the company. Delve deeper and discover the company’s history, ethos, awards, staff, and goals. What are they selling? Who are their customers? During your research note what has impressed you and if you can see ways in which you could improve the business or their website, write it down, along with any questions you may have about the company.

Research potential questions

Interview questions can range from very specific queries regarding the post you are applying for, to more generic questions about the industry as a whole. Keep on top of current news regarding your industry and form your own opinion on topics so that if you are asked, you are prepared with an informed answer. The It interview guide is a reliable source of current trends in addition to providing inspiration for answers to potential questions you could face during interview. If possible, role play your sourced questions with a friend so you can address any potential stumbling blocks well in advance of your interview.

Develop Necessary Skills

In the competitive IT industry, developing relevant skills is crucial for career advancement and opening up new opportunities. Consider taking courses to upgrade your technical knowledge or obtain certifications in high-demand areas. For example, getting a SAFe agile certification equips you with the principles and practices for enterprise agility. With agile adoption growing across organizations, this certification helps showcase your expertise. In addition to formal training, you can also build skills by taking up side projects, learning new programming languages, or keeping up with the latest technology trends on your own. Demonstrating an eagerness to learn makes you a more attractive candidate.

Make notes on the job description and specifications

It is probable that you have already highlighted your suitability for the position via application, hence your success at gaining an interview. It is important to address these specifications again at interview to ensure your potential employer knows just how suited you are to the role. Should you not have the precise requirements detailed in the job spec, state how you plan to obtain the necessary skills or qualifications needed to secure the role and how your current skillset will be enhanced as a result.

Dress to impress

When dressing for an interview it is important to keep things simple and smart so you are comfortable throughout the process. Now is not the time to begin experimenting with assorted styles and you should ensure the clothes you select fit you well so you don’t spend your time fidgeting. A simple suit or smart dress with a jacket will suffice and make sure they are wrinkle and stain free. Try your interview outfit on a few days before the actual interview so you know it is in perfect condition and can get it cleaned or mended if needs be.

Show respect

Although it is advisable to be friendly and relaxed at interview, remember this is not a social meeting so keep things polite and professional always. Shake hands on meeting, maintain eye contact, and listen carefully to what your interviewer is saying. Respect includes being prompt, so, if possible, travel to the interview location a day or so before to ensure you know exactly where you are going on the day of the interview.