Playing Slots – A Far Cry from Investing in Stocks

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The popularity of slot games is on the up and up, as game designers create ever-improving game platforms, and provide players with an incredibly engaging gaming experience. Throw in the odd payout, and you are sure to love online slot games. At times, you may indeed make more than you invest, however, ultimately, slots are entertainment rather than solid earners.

The Thrills and Spills of Online Slot Gaming

Today’s online slot games are a far cry from the once-beloved machines featuring a metal lever and fun fruit symbols. Instead of just including one line with three reels and perhaps 10 different icons, most digital slots have 5 reels, up to a staggering 250 lines, and themed symbols. You can play Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, or a plethora of other pop culture themed slots and a quick click may indeed give you a profitable spin. You bank an initial sum of cash to purchase an x number of spins and you’ll probably get a number of bonus spins. Websites are offering all kinds of great deals. Freebies like the new bet365 Account Bonus are sure to get you started.

A spin takes but a mere few seconds, and you can see your cash vanish quite quickly, even though once in a while you are bound to get lucky.

Slot Machine Strategies – I Shouldn’t Think So

People in the know who’ve studied slots for decades tell me that the spins are indeed completely random. Even if you track spins, you won’t be able to identify a trend and make predictions based on your findings. Slots do not provide reliable stats that may form the basis of a gaming strategy. All you know is the payout rate, and because you do not know the overall totals, you will not be able to sit it out and wait for a winning spin, without losing a fortune in the process.

When you spend money on slots, see it for what it is, you are paying for a couple of hours’ entertainment. Period.

Market Trends and Investments – Risk Management

Though you can never be sure of a return on investment when you buy shares, you can most certainly reduce the risks of losing cash. Stock market figures are not random, trends are identifiable, and the best stock brokers can quite easily distinguish profitable stock from more risky options.By carefully analyzing the performances of the various companies, identifying market trends and carefully calculating risks and managing them, traders can all but guarantee making gains. Yet, the risk element remains and perhaps maintains the excitement for those playing the stock market game.

You might not get the same entertainment value as when you are playing slot machines, however, if it’s money you are trying to make, buying and selling shares is undoubtedly the better option.

For what it’s worth, playing slots both online and at real life casinos can be a real adrenalin rush. They recommend, though, selecting the amount of money you are prepared to lose before buying spins and more importantly never ever going beyond that fixed amount!