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A new web app

FieldPulse is an exciting new application for business owners and can help even the most experienced company owner simplify the way that they manage all aspects of their projects. It is currently available on Android, iOS and as a desktop WebApp and you will be surprised at how many features it offers.


Among the many companies FieldPulse promises to help are those involved with employing contractors and outsourcing projects. This can range from electrical contractors to remodelling contractors and all those in between. It seems like an exciting new way to bring your company into the digital age.


Features of FieldPulse


Managing project work with your teams

FieldPulse offers a brilliant, groundbreaking way to schedule your teams. You can all use this app to provide the necessary scheduling information and ensure the whole team is in sync with each other and up to date. The app allows you to request status updates from each member. This allows you to track the work that is being done and have a realistic completion date in mind. Not only that, but you are able to add media such as files and photos to the scheduling device which means everyone will always have the correct resources for the job. Users of the app (such as your contractors) can opt to add in their own availability so that allocating workload can be simpler than ever.


Produce professional invoices and send them digitally

Many companies are making the move to a digital format when it comes to invoicing their customers. This is not only a way to save money but also is environmentally friendly. FieldPulse allows you to take a step into the modern era with its invoice designing feature. You are able to create itemised estimates where ever you are and send them across electronically. When payment is received you are able to mark them as ‘complete’ and this is a handy way of keeping track of your incoming revenue.


Promote accountability in your employees

It can often be difficult to track exactly how much time your employees are using for each specific task and some employers even worry that their contractors are not always exactly where they should be. Rather than demanding your employees check in at regular time slots, this great new app allows them to sign up to electronic time tracking. This is a simple way of them being able to ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ of a job which does not promote a feeling of distrust within the company.


Try it out!

FieldPulse is a very system to install and reviews are looking excellent for it. If you are unsure, why not trial it out with a 14 day free trial. From the most established company to brand new firms, there really is nothing to lose by signing up to try out this helpful new app. It is clear that such technology really is the way of the future for successful businesses, don’t get left behind!