Making the Area Around Your Business Safe and Secure

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Part of running a business means that if you have a physical location, you have to keep it safe and secure for your employees and your clients. This is a sunk business cost and one that you need to take seriously. If any sense of anxiety comes to people as they’re going into or leaving your building, that will directly cause loss of revenue.

A few of the ways you can improve safety and security include putting in security cameras, taking care of any issues that happen because of weather conditions, creating well-lit outside areas, and suggesting to people, either implicitly or explicitly, that they practice general awareness of their surroundings.

Putting In Security Cameras

If you install security cameras around the exterior of your building, that gives you a consistent birdseye view of everything that’s happening in your area. New security systems are typically inexpensive, convenient, connected to the cloud, and even linked to your mobile device potentially. At any point, you can take your mobile phone out of your pocket and look at a view from any security camera. This can go a long way into you making sure nothing fishy is happening around your building.

Taking Care of Weather Conditions

Then there’s the matter of taking care of your property outside no matter what the weather conditions are. You don’t want any black ice in your parking lot. You don’t want any sidewalks that are flooded or slippery. You don’t want any trip hazards from mud or debris. Just because the weather is happening outside of your store doesn’t mean you don’t have to at least adapt to it for the sake of safety. Keeping an eye out for anything that could cause an unsafe event will go a long way for you making sure everyone feels secure shopping in your place.

Creating Well-Lit Outside Areas

When the sun goes down, what does your storefront look like from the outside? Is it dark, dingy, and foreboding? Or have you created a well-lit outside area that looks welcoming, inviting, and safe? Whatever the expense is for creating this area, it should be included in your business budget.

Practicing Awareness

Even though you hope that the area around your store isn’t a hotbed of criminal activity, it’s still not a bad idea to always practice awareness in any public place. Look around and see if anything is out of place. Make sure there’s not any imminent danger. It’s the people who always assume that nothing bad is going to happen that are the easiest targets. The simple activity of scanning your environment when you come and go from a place does a lot to improve overall safety. So you should practice this awareness, and suggest somehow to your employees and clients that they do the same, not just around your building, but everywhere.