Becoming a Better Investor With Spread Betting

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The stock market is roaring right now. Bullish predictions are being tossed out like candy, and large scale investors are making money hand over fist. There’s just one problem for people like you and me: we’re not large scale investors.

When you’re just stepping into the investment world, it’s very difficult to make a lot of money. Investments follow the high risk, high reward balance seen so often in life. If you don’t have a lot of money already, most of us will have to opt for very high risks if we hope to make significant returns in the near future.

Fortunately, this is not the only investment avenue available to modern investors. Spread betting platforms like the one available through ETX Capital enable investors without lots of money to start earning significant returns quickly. There’s a lot to learn about it, but we won’t try to be exhaustive. For now, here are our favorite things about this growing financial activity, for investors and those who want to earn supplemental income.

  • Spread Betting Does Not Require Large Initial Balances. There are many investment brokers that won’t let you open an account without a significant minimum balance. If you’re just buying stocks, it’s almost futile to buy just one or two at a time. Most brokers charge at least $5 to buy stocks, meaning that without buying in quantity, you’ll take big chunks out of your potential returns. Not so with spread betting. This practice doesn’t give you ownership of the assets underlying each trade. You’ve merely making value speculations on their future value, keeping your initial costs very low.
  • Spread Betting is a Masters’ Class in Investment of All Types. You may have the ambition to invest in the traditional stock market at some point in the future, but don’t have the funds currently. This alternative will give you the opportunity to test your instincts on stocks’ (and other securities, assets, and indices) future value, without having to actually buy them. Those who do well at it are bound to do well at stock trading. In many ways it has skills that cross over to day trading, just without the same degree of financial risk.
  • Spread Betting Can Be Done Around the Clock, From Anywhere. If you have an internet or satellite connection, you can be taking part. Apps bring it to your mobile device, and brokerage services are always available on your desktop. Spread betting can be very fast-paced if you choose short durations for your contracts. You can take part in trades while you’re on your lunch break, while you’re relaxing at home, or at 3 in the morning when you can’t sleep. Some of the markets are operational around the clock, meaning there is always something to do with in these dynamic markets.
  • Spread Betting Offers Big Returns Potential. With spread betting, you’re making predictions about how values will change over time. If you guess that a stock will gain value by tomorrow at noon, and then it does so, you’ll receive returns based on how much the value actually goes in your chosen direction. If the price moves dramatically, your earnings will be high. Losses can be accrued in the same way, but there are ways to limit losses and insulate yourself. Experienced spread betters know how to maximize winnings. Many online resources can teach you how to do just that.

As you can see, this is an interesting way to earn extra money, while giving yourself a general investment education. Try a risk-free trial account available through the broker above. It’s easier to do than to describe, so try it out and see if it’s a good way for you to earn extra income.