Improving Your Online Business Performance 101

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Taking into consideration the fact that more than 80% of customers conduct an online research before purchasing a product, it is evident that building a high-quality website can have positive effect on overall business performance. The goal of any brand is to get in front of as many people as possible and ultimately convert them into paying customers. However, to succeed in it, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration. The following article outlines several most important aspects that have to be covered in order to improve your business’ online performance and stay ahead of your competitors.

Website speed

According to Kissmetrics’ research, every single second counts. Namely, they found out that almost 50% of consumers expect a web page to load in less than 2 seconds. Additional few moments are not just going to make them quit and go to your competitors, but will likely motivate them to tell their friends about the poor experience. What you can do is, first, check the loading speed of your website online and then start working towards shortening it.

Optimize your images – the easiest way would be in PhotoShop, taking advantage of its Save for Web option.

Cash -If you are running your website on WordPress, note that this CMS has plugins that will cash the latest versions of your web pages and display them in your users’ browsers.

Opt for GZYIP compression – Ensure you browse through several good web hosting options that use deflation on their services and use GZIP compressions, as these techniques can significantly reduce the file size without degrading its quality.

Put the load on the network – Content Delivery Network serve pages depending on the location of the user. The site will load much quicker if users get fast access to a server in their geographical area.

Mobile-first optimization

With the rising popularity of mobile devices, this might seem a bit redundant. Nevertheless, you would be surprised to hear that 23% of websites are still not mobile-friendly. So, as mobile search has long eclipsed desktop in volume, it is vital to optimize your website for mobile, but not just the technical part. If you’re running an e-commerce website, you will want to enable your potential customers to purchase items from their mobile devices, which might involve designing a mobile website that is completely separate from the desktop one. Moreover, ensure it is well-designed – your visitors should be able to easily find all information they need and purchase products without obstacles.


Whether it is text, images, or audio, any piece of content you plan on publishing has to be engaging. Before posting it, ask yourself several crucial questions: will it resonate with your visitors, spark an interest, and establish you as the industry authority? Also, ensure you publish both fresh and evergreen topics, since the first ones are informative and will boost your brand awareness, whereas the latter ones will bring visitors to your website long-term.


In order to direct consumers to your website, you will have to invest in SEO services, as digital marketing campaign represents the fundamental work that has to be applied to your website in order to ensure its success in SERP. For more detailed guide on how to establish a good SEO campaign, check out this detailed guide by QuickSprout.

Paid Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are ideal for gaining exposure, since as much as 65% of people claim they click on Google Ads when shopping for a particular product online. For PPC, you take advantage of keywords that will promote your brand over your competitors, so steer away from the ones that are too general. In combination with your SEO efforts, PPC will prove to be quite lucrative and is bound to drive more traffic with high conversion potential.

Understanding the habits of your consumers and identifying the emerging markets will aid you in better positioning your company to the right audience and raise your brand awareness.