How Technology Can Help Improve Your Rental Property Business

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Modern landlords have myriad concerns on any given day, and this is especially true of property owners who own more than one rental property at a time. Thankfully, modern technology offers rental property owners many different tools to make managing their rental properties easier. Taking advantage of these assets is a great idea for any rental property owner in Delaware County.

When leveraged effectively, modern applications and digital property management tools can boost income and help property owners manage their multiple rental units.

Cloud Storage

Rental property owners are first and foremost business owners, and they must track all the financial data and paperwork related to their business for legal and tax purposes. Cloud technology allows business owners in all industries to securely save essential data and documents and access it from almost anywhere with an internet connection.

Digital Marketing

Posting your rental unit advertisements in the local paper is no longer enough; if you want to keep your rental units filled with happy tenants, you need to reach prospective tenants online. Investing in digital marketing services and learning how to properly list your rental properties on sites like Zillow and Craigslist can help minimize downtime between tenants and keep your rental income flowing.

Professional Digital Photography and Photo Editing Apps

To attract tenants to your property and convey the true value of your listings, professional photography is a must. If you aren’t confident in your abilities as a photographer, hiring someone local to take professional photos of your rental properties automatically conveys value to potential tenants. If you’re a confident shutterbug and have a phone with a high definition camera, many different photo editing apps can help you adjust your shots and easily upload them online to your preferred listing sites.

Online Payment Options for Tenants

Very few people want to deal with dropping off checks and waiting for them to clear to track their expenses. Online bill pay has become the norm, and most American renters expect their landlords to offer an online payment option for their monthly rent. Take time to arrange online payment for your tenants; this will also save you time and money because you won’t need to drive to collect rent if you live a fair distance from your rental units.

Reliable Accounting Software

As a property owner, you must track all expenses related to your rental properties. This includes rent, security deposits, fees, maintenance expenses, and all other costs. Reliable accounting software can make this a breeze. Some of these applications can even allow you to upload receipts, invoices, and bills for services with the camera on your smartphone. Accounting software will make filing taxes much easier, too.

Smart Technology

Take your rental properties to the next level by investing in smart technology. If you can offer potential tenant’s amenities like digital security cameras, smart intrusion alarms, and smart air quality monitors, these things instantly boost the value of your rental units and will attract more potential tenants to fill your vacancies. Landlords all over Delaware County can take advantage of these assets to see higher returns from their rental properties.