Health Insurance Plans- Give your Family a Safety Net this Year!

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Buying a health insurance policy is as essential as life insurance. It helps in maintaining the peace of mind of your loved ones in case of medical issues and hospitalisation. The lack of health insurance makes you pay the rising costs of healthcare at every step. This isn’t just a massive drain on your finances but also makes you feel frustrated with the entire process.

People now understand the immense benefits of health insurance plans. 2018 should be the year you step up and secure your family from huge medical expenses and mental stress of paying bills.

Health insurance has been benefitting many individuals in situations of crisis and has kept their hopes alive.  A single medical condition can change your outlook in life. Even a healthy person can face a serious medical condition without warning.

So why not we prepare ourselves for medical bills we will encounter tomorrow, today? Learn about the types of medical coverage you can get for yourself and your family this year.

For seniors

If you have a senior citizen in your family, it’s better to choose a senior-specific insurance policy for them.  These health insurance plans mostly offer less or discounted premiums but a thorough medical check-up is done before signing the final papers.

For critical illness

You can also choose a critical illness policy if your family has a history of a certain disease or any member is prone to a serious health condition. These policies cover major medical situations like cancer, heart attack, organ transplant, paralysis etc.

Preventive health insurance

It’s always better to keep a check on your health to prevent the development of any underlying condition. Preventive healthcare insurance does the same as it involves regular check-ups and medical care to the insured person plus eradicating problems at the slightest hint. It’s best for kids and homemakers who have the highest chances of getting medical issues.

Cashless policies

Want less paperwork and headaches while availing medical services? Opt for a cashless policy. It is helpful in emergency situations and takes care of a major chunk of your bills, excluding ambulance charges, diaper charges and toiletry charges.

Family health insurance

To insure your whole family, you can choose from a number of family floater health insurance policies. Generally, two minor children can be insured under the plan and up to 15 family members can be benefitted by a single policy. You can choose whether each member gets a specific and equal amount of coverage or the whole family shares the sum of the policy together.

In case a family member needs a big amount from the sum assured they have the freedom to use the whole sum according to their requirement. Normally, one member will be in need to claim the insurance at any point of time which adds up as an advantage in insuring the whole family together. Though the premium costs are higher, yet they eventually save money as you do not have to buy multiple policies.

A health policy will also provide you tax relief. If you don’t use the policy over the period of one year, your insurance company will either give you a bonus or discount the payment for the next year. This is not all. Your health insurance will also give you global coverage from medical emergencies which turns out to be a huge benefit for frequent fliers.

Start your year with practical and positive decisions by giving your family a safety net from unexpected medical bills.