A Guide to Cannabis Consumption Methods

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When most people think about pot, they think about smoking it. However, there are a variety of ways to consume cannabis. They all have their different benefits. To help increase your knowledge of the beautiful herb, here is a guide to the different methods of cannabis consumption.

1. Smoking

The most popular way to use marijuana is to smoke it. There are loads of different ways to smoke weed. You can roll joints, which is a wonderful way to make your cannabis consumption mobile. Rolling up a few doobies to take with you on a hike or to a concert is a great idea. Learning how to roll creative joints shows that you are a devoted cannabis aficionado.

Bongs and pipes like the ones at Head Shop Headquarters | Online Headshop, Bongs, Pipes  are popular ways to smoke cannabis. A pipe is nice because it gives you that mobility. Whether you get a bong or a pipe, make sure you get a good protective case to keep it safe. There is no worse feeling than seeing your beautiful piece shatter.

The other popular way to smoke cannabis is in a blunt. A blunt is basically a cigar that has weed inside of it instead of tobacco. Some people hollow out cigars, but the best blunts are wrapped with a fresh tobacco leaf. Blunts are usually potent and best shared with friends.

2. Edibles

As cannabis use has slowly become accepted by the majority of society, eating has started to become a much more widely used method of cannabis consumption. Eating is great for people who don’t want to smoke. However, you need to be careful when you eat cannabis. It takes longer to take effect when you eat it, and the effects last much longer. Most people eat cannabis by first making a cannabis butter or oil, but you can also use it as an actual herb to improve the flavor of foods as well as giving the psychoactive effects.

3. Vaporizing

Vaporizers have become more popular over the last decade as well. Vaporizers turn the cannabis flowers into vapor rather than smoke, which means no tars or other unhealthy byproducts are consumed along with the cannabis. You can get huge desktop models with tons of fancy features or mobile vaporizers that you can take on the road. One of the best things about vaping is that it is very discreet, allowing you to fool people into thinking that you are smoking an e-cigarette if you wish.

4. Tinctures

The most potent way to consume cannabis is to take a cannabis tincture. A tincture is made by infusing alcohol with cannabis. The THC molecules bind to the alcohol molecules, creating a potent product dispensed with an eyedropper that can be strong enough to cause hallucinations. This method is best left to veterans.

These are the four main methods of cannabis consumption. Each one has its place. You should use the method that works best for you, but don’t limit yourself. Changing up the method you use to fit the situation is the best approach to using cannabis.