Giveaways That Can Help Promote Your Business

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Sometimes all your business needs to get it to the next level is an excellent promotional scheme. And sometimes that means you can utilize the idea of a giveaway! Everybody loves free stuff, right? And as long as it’s low cost on your end and high yield, then everybody wins.

Some of the giveaways that you can utilize to help promote your business include tote bags, stickers, USB sticks, and even coupon codes. You may have to get a little bit creative concerning where and how you handle branding, but especially with useful things, every dollar you put into your promotions should have a pretty decent return on your investment.

Tote Bags

One very visible way to help your business promotions through a giveaway is if you order tote bags with your company name on them. If you make them big enough and colorful enough, everywhere that the person goes who has this free bag is now going to be advertising your product. You want to make sure they are at least a good enough quality that they won’t fall apart before your customer has a chance to use them for a little while, but the bag doesn’t have to be something super expensive either. And, they can potentially put some of your product in that tote as well!


Another good promotional item is the ever-popular sticker. If you order promotional stickers in bulk, you’ll find that they almost have negligible cost. You can easily get hundreds or even thousands of them to pass out an event, and it really doesn’t affect your bottom line all that much. Make sure that you have a good graphic design on them, and then people will be likely to stick them on themselves or something visible; stickers are another excellent example of promotional advertising that costs you very little to distribute.

USB Sticks

Especially if you’re in the tech industry, you can design USB sticks with your brand on them. Not only is this something that people appreciate, but you can also potentially put some sort of free digital giveaway on the USB stick itself. For example, many record companies or music industry promotional groups will put free music or audio software on their free giveaway sticks.

Coupon Codes

And finally, in the digital world of giveaways, you can potentially hand out coupon codes for people to use. Particularly if you have a digital product, giving out coupon codes doesn’t cost you anything, and it doesn’t necessarily affect your bottom line all that drastically. Because you don’t have a physical product, the more digital items you sell, the more money you make, and there’s no extra overhead that you have to work with to produce more of your product. Using coupon codes is a good way to convert someone interested in the product into someone that will actually purchase it.