The Difference Between Classic Slots and Video Slots

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Many of us are familiar with the traditional slot machine, featuring 3 reels and just one line. Simple, classic, beautiful!

The dawn of online gambling has brought the humble, yet powerful slot machine to an entirely new audience. Are online slots just the same as the ones found in brick and mortar casinos? Let’s take a look at the main differences between classic slots and video slots.

Classic Slots – One line, three or five reels

Classic slots, even online slots resemble the original slot machine, invented nearly 100 years ago. These slots often featured images of fruits, giving them the loving nickname fruit machine. With 3 slots and just one line, these slots were hardly the most exciting, but nonetheless, it’s thanks to the popularity of the classic slot machine, that we are all hopelessly hooked on slots nowadays.

On rare occasions, classic slots featured up to five paylines, mostly, however, these slots only had one single payout line. If you matched the symbols, you won. Some of today’s video slots can gift you with over 1’000 play lines.

Playing classics slots was simple. You spun the wheels and hoped for a winning combination. There were no fancy modes, bonuses, or free spins. The jackpots weren’t the most enticing either. You definitely never got a free spin or promotional free play.

The graphics were nothing to write home about either.

Video Slots, Online and Off

Video slots are simply an extension of classic slots. Incredibly large number of paylines, five colorful image reels, often themed with pop culture. Online video slots have elevated slots to entirely new heights. Nowadays, you can find hundreds of different games. If you love Ironman, you’ll find an Ironman slot. For those crazy about legendary tales, you’ll find an appropriately themed slot, in short, there is a slot for every taste.

Perhaps most importantly, online video slots have all sorts of special features. To start with, you’ll be offered free spins. These are followed by wilds and multipliers, both of which give players additional chances to win or multiply their winnings. Bonus rounds are a further innovation not featured in classic slots.

Videoslots online also envelop players with atmosphere-enhancing audio, movie music scores, songs from the band featured in the game, and commentary from your favorite sports event.

Classic Slots or Video Slots – It Depends Where You Live

Personally, I like the atmosphere of a casino, the noise, smells, and the occasional cup of coffee served by casino staff. Most people play online these days, simply because they may not live or work in the vicinity of a casino.

What’s on offer in the countless online casino will blow your mind and undoubtedly capture you.

Lots of Free Play Options

The really smart players find free spins wherever they can and try to make more than they spend. Joining multiple sites is the best way to get your hands on free play options. In the end, it must be said that slots are a great way to spend a couple of hours, provided you stick within your budget.