Design To Engage: Design Tips For Your Business Website

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A good business website is a business website that makes you want to explore. If your content doesn’t immediately engage viewers, you will have a hard time turning hits into conversions.

The good news is that the internet is a wealth of information, and it’s not hard to find the right tools to design a fantastic business website. Start and check out a brief overview of a few design tips that will make your business website more engaging. Additionally, if you need professional assistance, you can get in touch with website design specialists in Hull or elsewhere to get the best design service possible.

Integrate the call to action

A “call to action” is described as a short phrase that entices web users to click. An example of a common call to action would be something like “click here” or “learn more.” These phrases naturally lead web users to the next page of information in search something new.

Use several different examples of a call to action to add depth and substance to your site map. Check out how this business website used three clear calls to action to engage viewers quickly.

Use high quality images and videos

Let’s face it. Today’s web users are spoiled, and pixelated images no longer suffice our visual needs. Make sure that your website design contains only high quality images and videos that don’t take five minutes to load.

There are more than just aesthetic benefits to high quality images and videos. Google also rewards great quality media with a better ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Learn the value of a catchy headline

When you pay attention to the metadata within your website’s design, you’ll further understand why catchy headlines and titles are helpful. The one liners that web users read to help them get a feel for what your site is all about are a vital piece of the engagement puzzle.

Learn the value and the art of creating a catchy headline to draw in readers. Your business blog is a great source for planting engaging information, and blog readers are often loyal.

Study the psychology of color

The colors you use in your design may not seem like such a big deal, but the CEO of McDonald’s would tell you much different. Huge business chains understand the psychology of color, and so should you.

Here is an informative link on the use of color and what really draws our eyes towards the screen. Use the tools you have to create the best overall design.

Mobilize your optimization efforts

Make sure your website is designed to fit on the smaller display screen of the many different mobile devices in use today. The easiest way to optimize for mobile use is to incorporate “media queries” in your design.