Creative Ways To Save Money On Life

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Instead of relying on your family piggy bank to build a stash of savings, there are plenty of unconventional ways for you to save money as you go through this thing called life.  Life is expensive, and saving money is an elusive talent for most.  

It may be more helpful to just become knowledgeable on many different ways to save on the things that daily life requires.  Take some time to consider these few creative suggestions, and get crafty with your savings.  

Never pay full price for big ticket items

You’ll want to continue enjoying the finer things in life on occasion, but understand that there is always a way to pay less than the standard pricing for whatever you are purchasing.  Having a budget never means you cannot get the best for your buck.  

If you have a smartphone (and we know you do), then you understand just how expensive it can be to replace them.  Don’t buy a new phone from your service provider.  Go online, and find a website that sells refurbished cell phones at a less expensive price.  

Apply the same concept to other things in your life (like a car or a television), and you will quickly find yourself in a better position, financially speaking.  

Move your money around

If you have a bank account, consider transferring banks or opening another bank account.  Banks are getting pretty desperate for attention these days, and many chains offer financial incentive for opening an account with their organization.  

You may consider moving your money around a few times per year to gather in the bonus checks.  Most banks offer at least $100 kickback for new account holders.  If you move your money just three times per year, you will be $300 richer than you were last year.  

Nix the cable television

There is no longer a need to pay outrageous prices for your viewing pleasure.  Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many other digital services offer a wide range of titles to keep your eyes engaged.  These streaming services are much cheaper than cable, any day of the week.  

Good ‘til the last drop

Use every last drop of anything in a bottle, jar, can, or cup.  Your shampoo doesn’t become less effective at the bottom of the bottle.  Add a smidge of water.  Shake it up, and use the rest of the soap in the container.  Over time, the savings will show.  

Make your own cleaning supplies

Most over-the-counter cleaning supplies are terrible for your skin and even worse on the environment.  Make your own cleaners at home for a more organic approach to sanitation.  The internet has everything you would need to know to achieve this money-saving goal.