Which Click Fraud Features Do You Need to Ensure a Successful Advertising Campaign?

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Whatever PPC (Pay Per Click) services you use to advertise your brand online, there’s always a chance your campaigns could run up a high bill with little conversions because you haven’t done enough to prevent click fraud. Believe it or not, many competitors out there will do anything in their power to ruin your chances of competing with them, and something as little as clicking on your advertisements multiple times could be the difference in gaining an advantage.

Fortunately, there are effective strategies to counteract this menace. One way to do that could be by working with a reputable digital marketing agency with expertise in PPC management, such as Marketing Optymizr, or the ones like them in the region. The specialists at these firms usually possess the knowledge and tools to implement robust click fraud prevention measures. Apart from that, there are other ways you can prevent this, and that’s by taking advantage of a good click fraud tool that has the following features available:


Geo-Tracking is one of the handiest features available when it comes to click fraud prevention, especially if you are spending hundreds of dollars every month on your PPC campaigns. If you’re getting many visitors from a specific country like China, but you’re not rewarded with any conversions, you could be a victim of click fraud. Geo-tracking features give you the chance to iron out any discrepancies with the PPC platform you’re using. You’ll have a chance to see exactly where your visitors and sales are coming from so you can make the necessary changes to stop you pouring money down the drain.

Email Fraud Alerts

Suspicious activity can occur at any point during the day, week or year, and it’s almost impossible to stay on top of activity, especially if you run larger campaigns. Email fraud alert features provide you with a good way to stay in the know when it comes to any suspicious click fraud activity on your PPC account. Many services like Adwatcher.Com provide this exact feature so you can stop wasting time monitoring your accounts and have more time available for more important website management operations.

Traffic Spike Monitoring

You could potentially run up your PPC budgets within a day should anyone out there wish to do some damage to your business. With traffic spike monitoring at your fingertips, you can quickly adjust the spikes to fit your specific needs. This feature alone could be the difference in your campaigns being a success or a complete waste of valuable time and money.

Cross-Platform Monitoring

The chances are you’re not only going to be using the likes of Google AdWords for your PPC campaigns, you may even consider running campaigns with Bing and Yahoo, too. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using multiple platforms to give your brand more exposure, but the truth is, it could open you up to more attacks that you may not know about. Cross-platform monitoring can help you prevent such attacks from taking place. Your competitors could easily keep clicking on your advertisements to run up your bill on different platforms, so always have a tool in place that can help you monitor your campaigns across the platforms you use.

Even with the above features by your side, click fraud can still happen if you’re not careful. However, taking advantage of such a tool will give you the chance to iron the above problems out, so you’re not consistently pouring money down the drain on your PPC campaigns.