Business Website Design Tips For New Entrepreneurs

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If you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit, your drive to succeed is insatiable.  Your drive may be strong, but directing your aspirations correctly is what will truly bring success in business.  

As an entrepreneur in a technologically driven world, one of the first things you’ll need to learn is how to create an effective business website.  

Having a cool aesthetic to your website design isn’t what will draw viewers.  Here is a brief overview, featuring a few of the most important design aspects you should include as you build your first business website.  

Always include a “Blog” section

A well-written blog is an invaluable marketing tool for a business of any size.  The internet is composed of millions of pages of information, and the more information you produce, the more likely web users are to come into contact with your pages.  

The trick is that you have to compose quality content, and the definition of quality is a little different when it comes to composing an effective piece of web content.  The information contained in a “quality” blog post doesn’t have to be ground-breaking.

It does, however, have to include a few critical design aspects to ever make it to the readers’ eyes.  Make sure to put an effort into learning just what the internet looks for in a great blog post. Check out how this consulting agency creates quality, engaging posts which all run parallel to the industry with which the company operates.  

Cater to your mobile audience

When designing any sort of digital content, you have to think about the mobile users on the web.  Mobile access to the internet is far more prevalent now than it was a decade ago. In fact, the population of the internet is overwhelmingly dominated by mobile users.  

The main issue with converting to the design of a mobile user is the size of the display.  The screen of a laptop or PC averages around 17 inches, but mobile users are working with a screen in the range of 5 to 6 inches on average.  Learn how to create a site that won’t have users pinching and swiping to browse your content.  

Integrate the concepts of SEO

Become familiar with the terms associated with SEO (or search engine optimization).  You probably already understand that Google and other search engines dictate the disbursement of information on the internet.  

If you learn how to give them what they want, your content will be more likely to place higher in the SERPs (or search engine results pages).  The object is to place on the first page, as web users rarely travel to the second page of their search results.