What To Do When Your Business Feels Like A Revolving Door

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Sometimes it’s just not easy to hold onto employees and it can feel like your employee turnover is getting the best of you. Interviewing and hiring new employees can be time-consuming, and then you also spend a good deal of time training them only to have them move on to other jobs. Sometimes this is for the best, and you can use this opportunity to work toward finding the right employees that will stick around for the long haul with your business.

Change Your Interview Process

One way to work toward hiring a better class of writers is to get better with your interviewing process. The first rule to live by when it comes to doing interviews is to never hire someone on the spot and never from the first interview you have with them. Take the time to get to know them a little before you give them the job.

As a business owner or person in charge, you’re busy, so it can be smart to start interviewees out coming in and talking to your assistant. Your assistant manager can do the vetting process and let you know which candidates they liked, and why, as well as why they didn’t like the others. Then you can do callbacks so you can directly interview the ones that you think have potential and even schedule some tests, like a pre-employment eye exam, to make sure they will be suitable for your company. These days it is common for a person to have two or more interviews before they get a job offer.

Require Job Shadowing

Instead of offering the job to the candidate(s) you liked most from those two or three interviews, have them come in for a shift of job shadowing first. Some places pay for this day of “work” and some don’t. The candidate won’t really be doing much work, they’ll just be following someone around that is working in the position they are intending to get hired for.

Job shadowing lets the potential employee get a feel for the job and determine if it’s really something they want to do. It lets you determine if they are going to be able to do the job. You can see how they interact with you, your other employees, and any customers.

Listen To Your Intuition

One thing many employers sometimes forget to do when it comes to looking for good employees is to trust their intuition. If you interview someone and things seem a little off to you, don’t question those feelings, just go with them. If you interview someone and they seem perfect for the job you need them for don’t let thoughts of it being too good to be true cloud the fact that you found a good candidate. Negative thinking muffles your intuition.