BT’s lean towards legal outsourcing to set a trend

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More major businesses are likely to begin outsourcing parts of their legal function, following the lead of telecoms giant BT.  

International firm DWF has won a five-year contract to become a ‘strategic legal partner’ of BT. It will provide insurance and real estate services, and staff from BT’s in-house claims and corporate property teams will transfer to DWF’s managed services practice. Over 40 BT employees are ‘in scope’ to transfer to DWF and would become DWF employees.

The growing trend in outsourcing in legal

Whilst in some industries such as marketing insourcing is becoming more of a trend, in the legal sphere outsourcing is making more of an appearance as businesses try to cut costs whilst ensuring they are getting the best value, and legal assistance, for their money.

This could pave the way for other corporations to start doing the same. There are many benefits to outsourcing both in terms of efficiency of work and value for money. Take a look at some of the benefits below:

  • Both mundane and complex tasks are handled by an external team, leaving in-house staff time to work on what matters.
  • There is no worry over in-house employees, including wellbeing, salary, and other HR matters.
  • Access to lawyers/experts in every field.
  • Different options of payment and service, making it work for each individual business and their needs.

Of course there are always risks, as the work is going to an external firm so there is likely to be less control over work being done and the timeframe in which this is completed.

Regardless, outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular and more legal firms are offering legal outsourcing and consultancy to keep up with this growing trend.