Brick and Mortar Business Details: Staying On Top of Maintenance

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When it comes to the brick and mortar side of businesses, one thing that you have to be concerned about is staying on top of maintenance issues. You can have the best business in the world, with the best ideas, best prices, and best service, but if your main building looks decrepit, you’re going to lose customer interest before they even enter your location.

Five aspects of business maintenance you’ll be dealing with specifically include working with sewer lines, heating and cooling, parking lots, basic landscaping, and then lawn care in general. If any of these things gets out of line, it can and will be noticed by anyone scoping out your home base.

Sewer Lines

Having a working water system in your building is a must. This means things like sinks and water fountains have to work, and you can have any issues with sewer lines backing up. You need to schedule regular maintenance with local companies that do this kind of work, and you also need to have names and numbers ready in the case of emergency. Water leaks or ruptures can be a major cost drain, so it’s much better to work to prevent issues, rather than trying to fix them after something has gone wrong.

Heating and Cooling

For the sake of your employees and your customers, make sure your climate control system is under control. This means servicing your HVAC systems on a seasonal basis, and making sure things like filters are always squeaky clean. You don’t need anyone complaining about issues with temperature, humidity levels, or the quality of air in your main office building, so be sure to always take steps to keep your climate in the pleasant zone.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Another area that businesses will get bad reviews from is if their parking lot area is a mess. If there are weeds, potholes, poor line markings on the ground, or any other issues that are noticeable, make sure that you have a company on-hand that can do your parking lot maintenance regularly. Sometimes you can work with the same company for keeping that area clean as well during your busy business seasons.

Basic Landscaping

What’s the curb appeal of your business look like? Are there benches outside, or flowerbeds, or other interesting things to look at? If there aren’t, consider that for a small investment, you can make the outside of your place represent how much you care about the inside of your place as well.

Lawn Care

And beyond landscaping, you always want to make sure that if you have any lawn on your lot, it is always perfectly manicured. However many times you have to have someone like this lawn care company scheduled to come in and mow the lawn, weed whack, and apply any necessary treatments to the lawn. This really should be a top priority so that you always present your company in the best light – we all know how important first impressions are.