How Can Branded Bags Turn Up Your Social Media Game?

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Social media was once strictly the domain of teenagers, but things have changed a lot since the early days of Myspace. Nowadays, any business worth its salt understands the importance of maintaining a strong social presence across a variety of social media platforms. Doing so can increase customer retention while drawing in new customers, and there are plenty of little hacks to increase your visibility.

For example, you can start using branded bags. Here are just a few ways branded bags can help improve your social media game.

Prompt Engagement

Most of the time, you need to give your customers a reason to follow you on social media and share your products. In some cases, all you need to do is prompt them to take action. By printing your social media tags and addresses on your branded bags, you make your business easier to find and push people to search for you. You can even add a QR code to take customers to your online platforms, or include details of offers to encourage connections.

Promote Sharing

Let’s say one of your customers has just finished shopping. Out comes the phone so they can take a selfie with their bags or a shot of everything they picked up. If your bag is branded, people will take note of your business when that image is posted to social media, and they might take the opportunity to look you up. Some helpful shoppers will even link your platform or add your hashtag.

Show You’re Up to Date

Even if your branded bags don’t have any direct effect, they can still increase social media engagement simply by underlining your commitment to quality and creativity. Adding social media information to your bags shows that you’re a modern business that understands the importance of online visibility, and that’s never going to hurt.