The Benefits of Automating Your Shipping Process

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Shipping is one of the most important parts of the sales process on eBay. Customers today have come to expect to receive items extremely quickly and if there are any issues along the way, they’re unlikely to buy from you again. That is why it is important to vet shipping companies to make sure they are reliable, looking into such resources as can help with this process and narrow down what could potentially be picked.

The good news is, thanks to technology, the shipping process is now easier and cheaper than ever before. One thing in particular that’s helping businesses to stay on top of their shipping is automation. So, what are the benefits of shipping automation and why should your business consider investing in it?

Understanding automated shipping

Automated shipping basically replaces many of the manual tasks you need to carry out, with automated systems. They are most commonly used during the picking, packing and checking part of the process.

As well as having built-in automated systems, you can also make use of third-party services,who can take care of certain tasks for you. However, unless you generally ship hundreds of parcels a week, third party services may not be the best option.

The benefits of automated shipping

So, what benefits can you expect if you switch to automated processes? The main ones include:

  • You’ll cut costs
  • Parcels will be sent out quicker
  • Customers will be happier
  • It’s more efficient

The cost saving potential is by far the biggest benefit. Automated shipping saves you money in a number of ways. Firstly, it prevents you from paying more than you need to on shipping. When dimensional weight charges were introduced, it meant you now had to worry about the size of the package, as well as the weight. If you get it wrong, you’ll end up having to pay a surcharge which can see you lose quite a lot of money! Automated systems can weigh your parcel and give you the correct dimensional prices to ensure you never have to pay a surcharge again.

Another huge benefit is the fact your parcels will be sent out much quicker. Automated systems can help to speed up the picking and packing processes, while choosing the right courier will ensure they are picked up and delivered quickly too. EBay parcel delivery is easy these days thanks to specialised couriers.

Of course, the fact your parcels will be delivered quicker, also means your customers will be kept happy. As it’s also more efficient, it frees up your time and money to use on other areas of the business.

Overall, automated shipping has revolutionised the industry and it offers so many benefits to small businesses. If you haven’t taken advantage of automated shipping just yet, now is definitely the time to do so.