How can Your Banner Really Increase Your Sales? Your Top Questions Answered

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There should never be any doubt that your pop up banner or pull up banner can be a very effective tool in your marketing arsenal; as a matter of fact, it can give you a very high return on investment, much higher than other forms of advertising. The banner has been used since time out of mind and will continue to be used simply because of its excellent success rate.

It’s important, however, to make sure that your roller banner is designed well, and that its message is both clear and appealing. The banner, like any other form of communication, can work both ways- it can turn people on, or it can turn them off. How can your banner really increase your sales? Here are your top questions answered.

Your message

You may think you have a large space to fill, but you should do so wisely – you’re going to use large letters, and you should be able to keep your message as short as possible. For this reason, you need to think carefully about what your message is. It should be short, it should be bold, and it should grab the reader’s attention from the start. Think carefully about what you are trying to promote – and the words you use to promote it. The shorter the message (the less words you use) the better.

The design

Your design should be arranged to make an impact – that means colours and arrangement should be eye-catching and inviting. Your banner should easily be seen from across the hall, and when people notice it, they should wonder what it’s about.

Your logo

People read from left to right and from top to bottom, so make sure you place your logo and slogan at the top – even if they don’t read the whole banner, at least they’ll get that. Try to design your pop up banners so that their colours and fonts are in line with your logo and slogan. Try to be consistent.

The words and lettering

Aim for the important words to be at eye level. Keep the number of words at a minimum, and make your lettering (the font) crisp and clear.

Test and review

Don’t settle for your banner design just yet – give it a thorough test and review. This ensures that your banner not only looks good but also functions as intended. Make any adjustments that are needed and test it once more. Once you’re confident that your design truly represents your brand, you can reach out to a company for banner printing in Fairfax, VA, or wherever you’re located.

One more thing should be mentioned. It’s important that you place your banner at a good location; situating a banner that advertises the benefits of red meat in front of a vegetarian restaurant won’t have the desired effect. The location of your banner should be a popular place for your target demographic. Design it well and position it at the right spot, and there’s no limit to how effective your banner can really be.

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