Adult Toys in Figures: Market Report

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It’s difficult to know what’s really happening in people’s sex lives, some may use websites like, others will go for a more basic route. Mostly because they don’t like to talk to about it and if they do, no one can really verify the facts. Luckily,in business –numbers do all the talking. And sex toys industry has grown from being something a bit weird and secretive to a multibillion dollar global industry.

How much money is there in adult toys?

Adult toys are all products that enhance sexual health and pleasure (meaning vibrators, lubricants, contraceptive pills, condoms, oil, costumes, a silicone sex doll and so on). The industry is currently worth 15 billion $ and it’s estimated to grow another 6.9 percent by the year 2020. This growth has started much earlier. Sex toys in Australia have experienced a boom since 2009.

There are numerous reasons for the change. One is that shop owners say that the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey novels has brought in more customers than ever. Though this could be because society in general is much more sexually liberal than before. The internet allows for more privacy (or at least the illusion of it) when buying such items from websites like wink wink sex toys.

Who’s the customer?

Sales seems to be pretty evenly split between men and women, but there are a few differences when it comes to specific products. For instance, men buy 70 percent of condoms and women buy 55 percent of corsets. That’s according to this customer base report. Apparently, single women buy more vibrators than those in a relationship and single men buy more lubricants. Sexy lingerie is bought equally by men and women, but mostly by those who are in a relationship.

Data can also tell us a lot about customer habits and especially about the need for privacy in this business. Plus size sexy lingerie is bought mostly by women, while men buy regular size ones for their partners. The same goes for condoms – smaller the size – les girlfriends are buying them.

Age of the consumer is also an interesting factor – the products are mostly used by people between 30 and 50. Presumably, younger people don’t need them and older are too conservative to try. This will obviously change when the demographics do – those who are raised in a more liberal environment will continue to act accordingly later in life.

What products are popular?

Half the products bought by women are clothes, while men usually buy more exotic products –they buy large amount of both male and female sex stimulation devices. Surprisingly,most of the wigs are also bought by men (71 percent)– maybe men have more hair related fantasies. Women make up the majority of vibrator shoppers – interestingly enough, they usually prefer smaller or natural sizes. Men who buy vibrators choose those over 8 inches, presumably in an attempt to try something different like a prostate orgasm.

Adult toys industry is obviously large and growing market with endless possibilities for investment. As technology changes (both in devices themselves and in online shopping) so will the industry. Societal climate is also increasingly welcoming and understanding when it comes to sexual liberties, so it’s expected that these trends will continue in the future.