6 Creative Ways To Market Your Law Firm

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Credit: Mr.TinDC

The world of marketing is always evolving, especially in today’s fast-paced world with all of the different advertising platforms from social media to Pandora and Spotify of all places. So how can you keep an edge over the competition? Whilst most top attorneys decide to speak at public speaking engagements to enhance their noticeability (with the help of somewhere like https://www.elitelawyermanagement.com/), others may decide to go down another avenue in the hope that they can drive more attention toward their brand and what they can offer. What are these ideas do I hear you ask? Well first, you may need to understand technology and what’s out there in the world in order to understand where you need to be in order to marketing yourself, whether you’re aiming for new clients or just brand awareness.

We recently spoke with some car accident lawyers in Vancouver who are known for running creative marketing campaigns to get their thoughts on a few ways you can keep a leg up on your competition. Here are some tips and tricks to use in your next marketing campaign.

Sponsor A Sports Team

Most successful marketers play the long-term game and this often works quite well to get across a single message. If you’re running a law firm, it’s all about the community image of you which dictates how successful you can be, especially if you’re in a small town and aren’t based somewhere like Chicago or L.A. One long-term strategy is to get involved in the community by sponsoring a local sports team such as a high school or amateur squad. This will allow you to get your logo on all future banners and potentially even on their jerseys, helping you to create a great image within the community, while spreading a lot of brand awareness.

Write A Blog

A second long-term strategy is to write a blog and publish consistently. It is also one of the important strategies used by successful digital marketing agencies like SERP Co (https://serp.co/services/marketing/lawyers/). Writing a blog will help to attract people to your law site from potential clients to the peers you have in your profession. The more people who share your blog post, the more exposure you will get. Plus, creating a blog has the added benefit of making you a leading expert in your type of law practice, which will attract more clients. Blogs are cheap to set up and easy to manage as well.

Create A Podcast

Another way of making yourself into a leading expert in your type of law practice is to run a podcast. While podcasts are more expensive to run than a blog because you have audio equipment to purchase, it can all be done quite affordable at under $1,000 and if you bring advertisers on board it can be a source of income for you. Having your own law podcast where you talk about case studies and issues in the world of law that could affect your clients will be a more in-depth version of having a blog.

Send Holiday Cards

Sending holiday cards is always a nice gesture that makes people feel appreciated. Send personalized cards to past clients and people who you know so that the next time they are in need of legal counsel, the first person that pops into their mind is you because they feel like you have a strong connection with them. Plus, you get to take a fun Christmas picture every year.

Become A Speaker

Getting out into your community and speaking at local events on law issues and whatever else people may be interested in is not only good side money if the gig is paid, but a good way to get in front of people. Stay after the event and hand out your business cards as well so that event attendees know how to get in contact with you if needed. You can send them holiday cards too.

Donate Magazines To Your Local Jail

Easily one of the most effective ways to gain clients if you deal with this style of law practice is to do something to get in front of the eyes of people in the local jail. Donating magazines is one such method of doing this and it’s a charitable thing for you to do as well that’s cost-effective. It’s a great way to pull in a number of clients and easy marketing.

Marketing your law firm can often be a fun experience for you and your business to grow. Here are six ways that firms use to market themselves creatively and help out their community.