5 Ways To Enhance Your Business’ Online Game

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In today’s technology driven world, every business needs a digital strategy to boost awareness of their organization. Modern web users are knowledgeable and confident in their digital devices, and your business must meet them where they live.

A diverse digital strategy gives your business plenty of chances to remind people of the many ways their life could benefit from your products/services. Here is a brief overview of a few ways you can enhance your organization’s online game, and reap the digital benefits your business deserves.

Build a bangin’ business website

You need a great business website. Your website is home base for your organization’s digital campaign, and thus represents the “face” of your business. Don’t just slap a few words on a site-building template, and call it a business website.

Spend time researching what it means to design a great business website. If you need a visual example of a well-built site for reference, check out Herrman & Herrman’s law firm website. Notice how there are several different ways to communicate with this business built into their design.

Up your email game

If your business doesn’t already have an existing CDP (customer data platform) with all your customer email addresses, then the first step might be to integrate a way to collect them (see this for an example). Your business website should also have a place for web users to “sign up” for a newsletter or “more information.”

Once you’ve got your list of email addresses, find an email marketing platform that works for you. MailChimp is a notable platform to explore. It seems to be one of the most commonly used email marketing platform available today.

Optimize everything for mobile use

Mobile access to the internet accounts for much of the traffic on the digital waves every day. People aren’t sitting at home on their computers anymore. They’re moving from place to place, while keeping in touch with the social pulse of the world through their mobile devices.

Every piece of content your organization disperses online should be optimized for mobile access and use. If your content won’t display correctly on the smaller screens of a smartphone or tablet, then you’re selling your business short.

Design an app for your business

Developing a mobile application to make it easier for users to enjoy the services your organization offers is a smart way to enhance your online strategies. There’s an app for everything. Grocery stores offer special savings when customers download their mobile app, for instance.

Saturate everything with SEO

Search engine optimization is the key to creating quality digital content. When you abide by the concepts of SEO, you will create content that will have a better chance of ranking higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Ranking higher in the SERPs means that more web users will have the opportunity to come in contact with your content.