5 things you can do to make members of your remote team feel valued

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COVID-19 has impacted the world as we know it in so many ways and its meant that in current times millions of people are working from home. For the most part we are all familiar with working remotely but here are a few ways in which you can help members of your team to feel valued and keep morale high!

  • Get to know employees as individuals

Take advantage of virtual events and online channels! Show interest and ask questions – ask about topics such as pets, children and hobbies! It can be really hard to connect with people online the way we usually do in person. This goes for everyone but is especially true for those people that have started new jobs during this pandemic and have only been able to virtually meet their colleagues. Having spoken first hand to people that have started new jobs and been working from home it seems that there are certainly a few things they miss about physically being in the same place as their co-workers…friendly banter, quick catch-ups over lunch, bouncing ideas off of each other and getting a better idea of how someone is really feeling, just to name a few!

  • Check in at the start of each meeting

It could be true that you may have incorporated software (refer to the homepage of Goldcast for more info) to run the virtual meeting and organize the registrants, and more. You might even have spent a certain amount on these technical things so that you can carry out the whole meeting with ease. However, that shouldn’t stop you from interacting with the employees. Sometimes it can be really tempting to just jump straight into a meeting and get through the agenda as efficiently as possible, but it’s really important to encourage some social interaction before you dive in to business. This pandemic has had a huge impact on people’s mental health and everyone has experienced a significant change in lifestyle (on this note, utilise and raise awareness of mental health charities such as Mind). Take time for non-work related, personal conversation and let your team know that you care for their wellbeing.

  • Give positive feedback often

Recognition really goes a long way. If you can see that a member of your team is working really hard or delivering great results be sure to let them know that you’re impressed and their efforts are appreciated! A simple message acknowledging someone’s hard work will be sure to make them smile and motivate them to keep up the great work!

  • Give employees physical rewards

This is a great way to thank someone for putting in that extra effort! Small gifts are often appreciated the most. Rewarding employees with a physical reward serves as a way of reminding them of their achievements (every time they look at their gift) and ensuring they feel appreciated. Check out this UK manufacturer which specialises in custom-made products such as customised ties, scarves and accessories.

  • Seek input from your team

Ask your team for input on a regular basis and make sure that they know their input is valued. Listen to any ideas they may have and support said ideas in any way that you are able to. Ensure you take time to understand how members of your team feel about their role and offer opportunities for growth.

Be kind, compassionate and genuine. Try to encourage closeness within your team and remember that sharing experience, and understanding other people’s perspectives will create a positive and productive work environment.