5 Instant improvements you can make to your website for better SEO

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If you are a small business you have probably had a big hit after the COVID-19 pandemic; many small stores that rely on the high street and high footfall have seen a massive drop in sales and may struggle to make it through the winter.

If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time for a change. A change to focusing more on your digital presence whilst the physical sales industry enters a troubling period, and that might just be the shining beacon of SEO service packages.

Part of the challenge of thriving online is getting found by your potential users and customers. This is why you need to develop good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

A good SEO agency, such as Firefly Digital, will help you build to where you want to be over the long term and will be able to offer you expert advice on how to improve your website’s content and technical makeup.

In today’s blog, we have a look at 5 of the basic improvements you can make to your website that will help improve your search ability and with the help of an expert SEO agency, start to carry your website up Google and other search engines.

  1. Start a blog on your website for SEO

Any SEO agency will tell you that content is king, and one of the easiest ways to start providing good content to your users is through a blog. This does not have to be anything complicated, a weekly or monthly article focusing on different areas of your business, and targeting different keywords will help you build a following and get more visitors to your website. This will help you build better ranking in search engines.

  1. Optimise the meta titles and descriptions of your pages

Metadata is used to give search engines an idea of what the content of your pages is about. It often appears in the snippet used, to sum up, the search listing in the search engine results page. SEO agencies often recommend optimising these in terms of length and quality to help improve click-through rates and improve your overall search engine rankings.

  1. Use H1s and H2s in the content of your website

Google and other search engines want to provide a good user experience, having text that is readable and easy to digest is very important. H1 tags are also good indicators of what content is on the page and relaying this information is very important to Google. Using these will help break your content down and improve overall usability.

  1. Submit your website to Google Search Console

One of the first steps many SEO agencies recommend when embarking on an SEO strategy is to submit your website to Google Search Console. This indicates to Google that your website is active and also provides you with vital information for ongoing website management and maintenance.

  1. Include keyword-rich copy on your pages

A good SEO strategy will also have keyword research as one of the initial stages. This is the process of working out what your potential clients and customers may be typing into Google to find relevant information and products that you could be providing.

After you have done the initial research, target one keyword per page whether it is a blog or product page. To do this make sure you include lots of keyword-rich copy on the page. This will help indicate to search engines the relevance of the page and increase the chances of it ranking well for relevant keywords.

Get the help of an SEO agency for the more challenging areas

The basics listed above are fairly straightforward to implement if you have a working understanding of how digital content management and marketing work. For the more complex areas around technical and server-side SEO hiring an SEO agency will give you the flexibility to focus on other marketing activities whilst allowing them to further improve your business SEO.